Is Discord Down (Or Is It Just You)? Here's How To Tell

One of the most frustrating things that can happen is when Discord goes down. Many across the globe rely on different software applications in many different ways, and Discord is no exception. From work to leisure, Discord is a widely used VoIP and chat program that enables people to connect for zero cost anywhere in the world in different chat rooms.

Originally used to connect with others on interests like games and fan clubs, Discord has grown into a widely used app that some of the biggest companies use for operations. Not only that, but the Discord API and different functionalities make the tool versatile, making it useful for various purposes outside of chatting with people who share similar interests.

Luckily, diagnosing whether Discord is down is very easy, as others will typically report this immediately if it happens. However, figuring out where people are reporting or seeing whether it's down is a different story and could be harder to find. Here's how to figure out if Discord is down — and what to do if it's not but you still can't connect.

How to tell if Discord is down

Determining whether Discord is down or it's your internet connection is fairly easy to do. Mainly, you'll want to see whether there are other reports of people having issues launching the application. There are three primary ways to determine whether Discord is down including:

The most reliable method to check whether Discord has an outage is the Discord status page, a dedicated website where the developers communicate with Discord users. In addition to checking whether the app is having issues, users can also check the status of more specific aspects of Discord, including their API and Media Proxy.

Discord is also very active on its Twitter account and will respond to messages it's tagged on, even sometimes referring to specific tickets that it's currently working on. If you're having trouble with Discord, reaching out via your Twitter account may get a response.

What to do if Discord won't connect

If you can start other apps and use the internet on your computer, phone, or gaming platform, but the Discord app just won't connect, there are a few things you can try to fix Discord. First, make sure that the device is actually connected to the internet by actively using the internet on a different app or browser. Sometimes, devices will use cached versions of the internet, so it may appear like the device is online, but it isn't.

Clear the Discord cache from your app settings menu, and disable a VPN if you are using it. Finally, if none of this works, and you know for certain Discord is the culprit, then you should restart Discord, the device, and the modem or router if possible. If that doesn't work, it's possible that it could be due to your Domain Name Service provider or DNS settings, which you can adjust. Discord utilizes Google Public DNS and Cloudflare Instructions on fixing your DNS settings can be found on the Discord support website.

If none of these solutions work, you should contact Discord support directly, as there may be other reasons you can't connect to the app. The Discord Support Twitter can respond directly to your account and start a ticket. Ultimately, however, one of these solutions should work for you and help you reconnect to Discord.