This Ryobi 18V ONE+ Heat Pen Is Just The Tool For Tough-To-Reach Jobs

Ryobi's One+ lineup features cordless tools with a variety of use cases. For example, the new 18V Telescoping Power Scrubber with its six-position articulating head can clean surfaces at various angles and distances. Now, Ryobi is introducing one more tool to this lineup, the 18V One+ Heat Pen.

Like all heat applicators, you can use this tool for typical tasks such as paint stripping and adhesive removal. However, this heat pen is notably compact, allowing it to get into tight spaces. The One+ Heat Pen comes with two nozzles, a deflector, and a spreader. You can use the deflector nozzle to wrap around a pipe, plastic, or any other thin surface to spread heat. The spreader nozzle, on the other hand, can be used to spread heat over a wide area.

This heat pen also comes with a stand that can hold the tool when not in use and house the nozzles. It's worth noting that although it's touted as cordless, it still needs to be plugged into a battery supply. It just does not need to plug into a wall socket. That said, this heat pen has a critical feature that will undoubtedly entice those who work with heat-sensitive materials.

Adjust its temperature on the fly

One of the interesting features of the 18V One+ Heat Pen is its dual temperature settings. Users can switch between a low and high heat setting using a dial on the stand. The low setting pumps out heat at 450 degrees Fahrenheit, while the high setting reaches 750 degrees Fahrenheit. Ryobi claims the heat pen can reach 700 degrees Fahrenheit in 90 seconds. The max temp of this heat pen is a downgrade from the One+ Heat Gun max temp of 875 degrees Fahrenheit. But this is understandable, considering the pen is significantly smaller in size.

Like the rest of the products in this lineup, the heat pen is powered by an 18V One+ battery. Ryobi claims that this battery provides longer run times and better performance. It's also said to reduce pack temperatures. However, it's unclear exactly how much this battery is an improvement from a standard 18V battery, as the tools manufacturer does not provide any numbers or data to support its claim.

You will be able to pick up the 18V One+ Heat Pen exclusively at The Home Depot in September. It will come in two models, bare-tool and bundled with a battery. The tool-only model retails at $59.97, while the 2Ah Lithium Battery and Charger bundle will set you back $99.