LEGO's New Concorde Set Has Some Surprises For Aviation Fans

The Concorde is one of the best-known supersonic jets in aviation history, having been created jointly between the U.K. and France and serving as a prolific passenger jet for both Air France and British Airways throughout the 1970s and beyond. While an unfortunate crash in Paris in 2000 ultimately led to the jet's retirement, it is still fondly remembered by aviation enthusiasts to this day, with one unit on loan from British Airways enshrined in the Museum of Flight. If you're one of those longtime Concorde fans, or want to give your friends a fun and constructive way to get into the scene themselves, you may be interested in LEGO's newest vehicle kit.

The LEGO Group announced the new LEGO Concorde construction set in a press release on its official website. The set features 2,083 pieces that combine into a scale replica of the very first commercial passenger supersonic jet. This new set is slated to cost $199.99 USD, and will release on September 4 for LEGO VIPs, followed by a general release on September 7. A placeholder page is already up on LEGO's website.

A big kit for a big jet

The LEGO Concorde set, in its completed state, measures in at six inches high, 41.5 inches long, and 17 inches wide. The model features a modular front, just like a real Concorde, allowing you to angle the tip downward for takeoff and landing, then set it back to a neutral position to depict typical flight. The model also comes with a display stand to show it off on your shelf.

In addition to the highly accurate curves of the Concorde's wings and cockpit, the insides are true to life as well. The LEGO Concorde model features a removable top, allowing you to see the passenger area and bathrooms, though unfortunately the seats are not large enough to accommodate LEGO minifigs. The set also includes remarkably detailed landing gear drive mechanism that can deploy wheels. Speaking of moving parts, the wings and tail bumper of the Concorde set can also be maneuvered.

Because of the overall complexity of the build, the LEGO Concorde set is rated for ages 18 and up, more likely suited to an adult collector rather than a young block enthusiast. The kit includes a booklet with assembly instructions, though in the event you lose the booklet, you can also access a digital version of the instructions via the LEGO Builder mobile app.