5 Of The Best Multipoint Bluetooth Headphones & Earbuds In 2023

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Headphones are one of the best things to ever happen to music lovers of the world. Curling up in the back seat of a car with a pair of headphones on is a fond memory many reminisce about. Not only do they allow you to enjoy your favorite song privately, but they also give you the ability to hear each and every one of its exquisite details. By now, you must have experienced the joy of rediscovering a song with a pair of headphones after noticing some background vocals that you have never paid attention to before.

Enjoying all the conveniences of headphones is now easier than ever before. With Bluetooth, having to deal with long and messy wiring to connect your headphones to a device is a thing of the past. But an issue that pops up with Bluetooth headphones is the infuriating process of connecting, disconnecting, and reconnecting whenever you want to switch between devices. Bluetooth Multipoint is a rather convenient feature that allows you to connect your Bluetooth headphones or earbuds to two or more devices simultaneously. Relatively under-used when considering all its useful perks, Bluetooth Multipoint was actually unveiled way back in 2010, so it is not exactly a brand-new, revolutionary piece of tech.

If you're looking to try out Bluetooth Multipoint, here are some of the best headphones and earbuds with the feature to buy in 2023.

Sony WH-CH720N

These lightweight over-ear headphones from Sony are a definite upgrade from its earlier CH710N model. Equipped with Active Noise Canceling and Bluetooth Multipoint, the Sony WH-CH720N cans weigh only 192 grams and are among the lightest headphones of the type in the market. They are also one of the most comfortable, being well-padded on both the earcups and the headband to fit quite snugly on the head.

Holding claim to a high quality of sound, these headphones also have improved noise canceling and a microphone setup that can handle filtering out background noise quite well. The headphones are powered by Bluetooth 5.2 and can also be used as wired headphones with a cable also included. They are also fitted with physical buttons on the outside including the volume control buttons, a universal control button, and a button that gives you the ability to switch from noise canceling mode to Ambient Sound mode — this allows you to be aware of outside sound even though you have headphones on.

The CH720N headphones also have a long-lasting battery that can last up to 35 hours in noise canceling mode and up to 50 hours if noise canceling is turned off (the wired mode option means that you could use them even if they run out of battery). Their Bluetooth multipoint feature can be enabled and controlled from the Headphones Connect app by Sony available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Jabra Elite 7 Pro

Gymgoers love these noise-canceling multipoint Bluetooth earbuds by Jabra. Powered by Bluetooth 5.2, these things come with solid water and dust resistance. The Jabra Elite 7 Pro buds also do quite well at blocking out outside noise with the combined efforts of the active noise canceling feature and the acoustic isolation offered by their silicone ear tips. They also boast an impressive sound quality, while their microphone equipped with the Jabra MultiSensor Voice Technology makes them ideal for calls. 

To properly enjoy all the features these earbuds offer, you need the Jabra Sound+ app, which is also essential to enable their multipoint feature. The app also allows you to control the noise canceling level and the voice assistant, and can even create a unique sound profile for you based on a hearing test. 

The single button placed on the outside of the earbuds offers control, and you can also change how pressing the button in different ways affects playback and calls through the Sound+ app. They also come equipped with a battery that can last for around 30 hours with the help of the charging case and over 8 hours without. In addition, the earbuds also have in-ear detection, which stops and plays music when taken out of the ears and put back in, respectively.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

Armed with active noise canceling, these lightweight headphones certainly get the job done. Being quite a hardy product, these headphones are not prone to breakage thanks to a sturdy metal design holding the headband together. They also come with a hard-shell cover that you can use to protect them when traveling, just in case.

The Bose NCH 700 headphones have three physical buttons, one to control noise canceling, one for Bluetooth pairing, and another to control the chosen virtual assistant. They also have a touchpad on the right ear cup to control media playback. And like the previous multipoint Bluetooth devices, these also require downloading an app to get the maximum use out of them. Through the Bose Music app, you can adjust your headphones' active noise canceling level, change the virtual assistant, switch between paired devices, and much more. These headphones are powered by Bluetooth 5.0 and support Bluetooth Multipoint for up to three devices.

The NCH 700 cans offer some great audio while also coming with a microphone system that is very good at filtering external noise. Their battery can last over 20 hours, with noise canceling set to maximum levels.

Sony WH-1000XM5

These are probably the best Multipoint Bluetooth Headphones out there at the moment, with them topping the leaderboards in nearly all aspects.

The Sony WH-1000XM5 headphones are packed with features including Speak-To-Chat mode and Quick Attention mode, which pause currently playing media when you start speaking and when you hold your hand over the right ear cup, respectively. In addition, they have an inbuilt ear sensor that will pause playback when the headphones are taken off and resume when they are put back on. The ear cups and headband are accessorized with synthetic leather padding for comfort.

This product also comes with a touchpad on the right ear cup, which gives you gesture control over media playback. The right ear cup contains the power button and another that allows toggling between noise canceling and ambient sound mode. Sony's Headphones Connect app should also be used with these for noise canceling control and numerous other special features that should not be missed out upon.

In addition to their great sound quality and microphone setup (with substantial noise reduction), the headphones also boast a long battery life that lasts for over 30 hours, even with active noise canceling. While they are powered by Bluetooth 5.2, the headphones can also be used in wired mode.

Google Pixel Buds Pro

Google's debut in the noise-canceling earbuds market is certainly commendable, with the design, ANC, and audio quality all hitting the mark.

Another recipient of the multipoint Bluetooth feature, these can be connected to two devices simultaneously. The Google Pixel Buds Pro also allows you to adjust the volume through gesture controls. The same feature is also there for toggling between noise canceling and ambient sound/transparency mode. The ear detection feature is also available in these earbuds, pausing and resuming media playback when they are taken off and put back in, respectively. Their audio quality is also top-notch, with the earbuds also performing very well at masking environmental noises during phone calls. Even though these buds are Google's first attempt at earbuds with ANC, their noise-canceling capabilities are certainly above par. Their transparency mode option that can be enabled to pay better attention to the outside world is also worth commending.

The buds have a charging case that offers wireless and wired charging. They also boast a battery life of around 7 hours with active noise canceling switched on. Both the charging case and the earbuds come bolstered with splash resistance.