NuraTrue Vs NuraTrue Pro: What's The Difference Between These Earbuds?

Slapping the word "pro" onto a product name can mean a range of things. Sometimes it just sounds good, other times it designates that a product is a bit better than the standard version, and rarely it means that this is actually a product for professionals and its increased specs are overkill for the average user. As with iPhones in recent years, the "pro" version of Nura's flagship earbuds is a notable improvement over its standard set. But those improvements also come with an increased price tag.

So, just how much of a difference is there between Nura's regular earbuds and the NuraTrue Pro versions? The NuraTrue Pro earbuds performed excellently when we tested them recently, but is the upgrade actually worth the money, or are you okay just settling for the standard earbuds? We'll be taking a look at all of this as we go in-depth on both NuraTrue and NuraTure Pro earbuds.

To start with, we have one significant difference. A set of NuraTrue earbuds will set you back $199 if you buy them at MSRP. This is already pricy for a set of earbuds and puts the NuraTrues well above other premium audio devices like the Apple Airpod 2s. But the standard NuraTrue earbuds are not the most premium product in Nura's inventory. NuraTrue Pro earbuds are significantly more expensive, coming in at $329. Let's go a little more in-depth and see what you get for the money.

There are some notable similarities

As you might expect from two versions of the same product, the NuraTrue earbuds and the Pro versions have a lot in common. The main feature they both share is Nura's "personalized sound" system, which maps out your ear and tunes the buds to your exact requirements. Both sets of buds also come with "fit detection" to ensure you have them in properly, the ability to use a voice assistant, and a feature called "social mode' which is designed to help you hear what's going on around you a little better. "Immersion mode" which boosts bass in a way that mimics the sound of live performances, is also a feature present in both products.

Both sets of earbuds are powered by the same 10mm low-distortion dynamic driver, and they all come with the same range of fittings and accessories to ensure they settle comfortably and securely in your ear canal. They both have the same range of touch controls, and those touch commands are equally customizable on the NuraTrue and NuraTrue Pro. Voice calls are an option on both, and at a basic level, both devices use a version of Bluetooth 5 to connect to a phone, computer, or anything else you want to use them with. Despite the similarities, the NuraTrue Pro does go a lot further in some departments.

What makes the Pro version better?

There are a number of areas where you'll get more from the NuraTrue Pro buds than their standard counterparts. Some are pure convenience features, while others simply make it a better audio device. In convenience terms, battery life is a big thing. NuraTrue Pro will give you an extra two hours of battery life when using the buds themselves — eight hours compared to six for the standard NuraTrue. The case itself can be charged wirelessly and provides an extra 24 hours of battery life compared to just 18 hours for the NuraTrue case. The Pro case also charges twice as fast, giving you an hour of playback in just five minutes as opposed to ten. 

The Pro buds also come with a more advanced version of Bluetooth which allow for what is arguably its flagship feature. They can play lossless audio wirelessly. The audio codecs available to the buds are also there to support this feature. Make no mistake, if you want the best audio possible, then the NuraTrue Pro is the obvious choice. "Spatial audio" mimicking the environment of a recording studio, is also a pro feature.

Unlike the standard buds, they also come with adaptive active noise cancellation instead of hybrid active noise cancellation. The ANC on the pro buds comes with both wind noise and anti-clipping protection too. The Pros have a higher frequency range, more sensitivity, and multipoint connectivity, so you won't have to reconfigure a Bluetooth connection every time.

So which set is the best option?

No matter what set of NuraTrues you opt for, you will be laying out a lot financially. Even the standard buds are close to double the price of current-gen AirPods and their Samsung or Google equivalents. 

If you're putting down that much cash, it may be tempting to spend even more and ensure you get the best audio experience possible from your earbuds. That said, there are other factors to consider. The Pro earbuds weigh a little bit more. This isn't something most people will notice, as the weight difference is just over a gram, but it could factor in for those with extremely sensitive ears. The Pros also have a slightly more upmarket finish, with ceramic highlights, premium plastics, and high-grade silicone.

Similarly, you need to ask yourself how much you'll use some of the bonus features. Wireless charging is nice, but will you end up just using a cable anyway? Extra battery life is always welcome, but 24 hours is already enough for most users. Even the difference in audio quality may not be needed in your case. To benefit from it, you need your music stored in a lossless file format like FLAC, or you need to stump up for one of Tidal's premium subscriptions. All in all, consider your circumstances and go with what makes the most sense. $199 is a lot of money, but $329 is significantly more — especially when you tack a premium streaming subscription onto that.

As of April 7, 2023, Nura is part of Denon. This acquisition might have no effect on how the business operates, but we shall see.