What Happens To Amazon Halo Customers Now That The Health Service Is Shutting Down

On April 26, 2023, Amazon abruptly decided to stop supporting its entire range of Halo products. Given that it's been barely three years since the first Halo products were released, the development did come as a surprise to many. Amazon started the Halo range with a display-less fitness band called the Amazon Halo Band. The product line would soon expand to the Halo View in 2021 — essentially a Halo Band with a display. Then, late last year, the company came up with what would become the final product from the Halo lineup — the Halo Rise — a no-contact sleep tracking device.

While Amazon hasn't shared shipment figures of Halo devices, there is no denying that thousands of customers were invested in the platform. Amazon's sudden decision to shutter not only the product but the service as a whole would mean that they would be left with products that would essentially stop functioning on July 31, the deadline set for the service. This is because most Amazon Halo features are accessed from the Amazon Halo app, which will stop functioning on August 1, 2023.

Amazon is giving Halo consumers limited options before it winds down the service. To begin with, people who bought a Halo device within the past 12 months would be eligible for a complete refund. The refund would apply to all three products from the lineup, including the Amazon Halo View, Amazon Halo Band, Amazon Halo Rise, and Amazon Halo accessory bands.

What happens to Amazon Halo customer data

As outlined earlier, Amazon is also shuttering the app ecosystem surrounding Halo products. Since Halo customers use the Halo app to upload their health-related data to Amazon's servers, shutting down the service would also mean losing access to this stored data. Amazon has confirmed that it will allow users to download all Halo-related data onto their smartphones until July 31, 2023. This process can be achieved from the Settings Page of the app. The same page will also allow users to download scan images saved on the app to their phone. Those wishing to delete their data from the servers have also been given that option. Of course, if the consumer does nothing before August 1, all health data will be deleted anyway.

Those subscribed to Halo's paid subscription programs will be eligible for a refund and will receive an automatic refund to their original payment method, Amazon confirms. Customers are also not required to manually cancel any ongoing Halo subscriptions, as Amazon will no longer charge them for the same starting now. Amazon is also giving consumers the option to dispose of their used Halo products via the Amazon Recycling Program, details of which are explained here.