Amazon Halo View adds a display, bands, services

Today Amazon launched Amazon Halo View, a fitness band with a touchscreen display. This new device takes what the original Halo Band was and adds a display. This device is made to be as inexpensive as possible while still allowing the functionality of a fitness band that has a color touchscreen.

Halo View has its own "vibrant" AMOLED color display with access to live workout tracking, Halo health metrics, and the time. Amazon suggested that this device has "up to seven days of battery life" and it'll be charged the same way the original was (and continues to be). Halo View will be sold by Amazon with sports, metal, leather, and other fabric band options.

Amazon also launched Halo Fitness to compete with the fitness programs offered by other companies like Apple and Samsung. Halo Fitness will included classes that are "led by industry experts" and work in concert with Halo hardware.

The Amazon Halo View will be sold for $80 USD, and it'll be released "in time for the holidays." Halo Fitness will be included with the Halo Membership, and a limited subscription to Halo will be included with the Halo View.

Halo Nutrition was also launched this week as part of the full Halo experience, for healthy eating. This system connects with Amazon shopping lists so it'll be easy to pair meal plans with purchases within Amazon. This service will be included with a Halo membership, and it'll launch in early 2022.