5 Of The Best Home Theater Systems Available In 2023

A home theater may be a high priority for you this year. Home improvement projects have been focused intensely on productivity and entertainment upgrades since the Pandemic years, and homeowners are on the hunt for increased enjoyment of their personal space as a result of the restrictions to daily life that descended on society at the turn of the decade. Now, in 2023, homeowners are looking to boost the value their home provides in new technological ways that go beyond working spaces and home fitness add-ins (like the Peloton equipment range).

A home theater system is a unique installation. Unlike the 4K television set that you may have your eye on, this system includes consideration of the audio output component as well as the placement of physical speakers and playback equipment for the best all-around experience. The TV you select is important, of course, but the audio system will often make or break a home theater setup. It's therefore essential to identify the right surround sound home theater system for the kind of setup you're seeking to bring into your home and get the installation done right.

Sonos Premium Immersive Set with Arc

Sonos is a leading name in the world of sound. The brand's Immersive set is a great place to begin when discussing theater-quality audio for your home. The Premium Immersive Set with Arc bundle is priced at $2,096 and comes in either black or white color schemes. The package includes the Arc (a premium soundbar), a wireless subwoofer, and two Era 100 smart speakers. 

The complete package produces crystal clear sound that enhances any viewing experience from game days with friends to intimate movie nights with your loved one. The Sonos system allows for WiFi connectivity that transforms this television surround sound system into a more complete entertainment tool that can playback music from another wirelessly connected device over the Sonos app, Apple Airplay 2, or via voice command. The Era 100 speakers offer clear audio with the help of dual-angled tweeters, and these can be connected wirelessly or through a cabled connection. 

Those looking for an even more impressive setup might consider splashing out on the Ultimate Immersive set that upgrades the speakers to Era 300 units. Also, if you're in need of additional sonic dimensions, the platform allows for the inclusion of more speakers to the setup, such as extra Era speakers you need for even more coverage throughout the theater room.

Bowers & Wilkins MT-50 5.1 System

Another high-quality option for homeowners seeking sleek and technically sound audio is the MT-50 surround sound system from Bowers & Wilkins. The setup offers five compact M-1 speakers and a powerful ASW608 subwoofer. The set comes in black and white color options and will cost $2,094. The MT-50 set is driven by a surprisingly deep subwoofer for its size. The bass producer is punchy and offers controlled bass tones while still contained in a compact cabinet that allows for the freedom to set it in a wide range of locations throughout the home theater.

Augmenting the deeper tones, the five speakers provide a smart aesthetic to any room and are small enough to mount or stand virtually anywhere. With five sound producers in your setup, you can really get creative with the placement to create phenomenally immersive acoustic experiences. Each of the M-1 speakers included is outfitted with a 100-millimeter mid/bass driver and a 25-millimeter tweeter for balanced midrange and higher frequency tones that shimmer and excite viewers.

Bose Smart Soundbar 900 (with Subwoofer)

Soundbar speakers make for a compact audio solution that will cut down on the physical installation requirements while offering the same great immersive experience. The Bose Smart Soundbar 900 brings nine speakers to the fore, including two that are positioned facing the ceiling (one on either end of the unit). The soundbar costs $899 and combined with the Bose Base Module 700 ($849) for a total price of $1,748, these two Bose components make for an easy installation and versatile sound landscape for your home theater.

The soundbar is capable is separating out various sonic features from the aggregate, allowing voices, music, and effects to shine through individually. The upward-facing dipole transducers provide sound in concert with Bose's PhaseGuide technology to create a multidirectional sound landscape within your home. This gives you the experience of a physically surrounded speaker layout without having to actually install a network of speakers across the dimensions of the room. The system supports Dolby Atmos to create the most compelling experience possible, no matter what you're watching and listening to in your home.

SVS Prime Satellite 5.1 Package System

The SVS Prime Satellite 5.1 package is yet another compact home theater system that packs an enormous punch. SVS notes that this surround sound installation offers the biggest sounding small speaker that homeowners can get their hands on. Compounded by the massive bass driven by the 12-inch driver, the SB-1000 Pro subwoofer rounds out the SVS offering and makes it a formidable choice among home theater systems.

The speakers are built with a 4.5-inch mid/bass driver and a 1-inch tweeter, housed on a stylish black or white cabinet setup. SVS speaker cabinets utilize tapered edges on the front side to minimize sonic diffraction at the physical edges of the equipment, producing a more well-rounded sound for your viewing pleasure. They also incorporate a tweeter diffuser and shorting rings to help enhance the audio quality, regardless of the music or video range you ask of your speakers. For $1,199.99, the system rings up with a favorable price tag, too!

Q Acoustics 3050i 5.1 Plus Cinema Pack

The Q 3050i 5.1 Plus Cinema Pack offers greatly expanded color options for those looking to match their speaker cabinets with other furniture. In addition to a subwoofer, and center channel speaker, the home theater system is rounded out by a pair of 3010i bookshelf speakers and a pair of 3050i floor-standing speakers. These are positioned in a classic surround sound layout to provide an immersive listening experience across all genres. The system will set you back $2,465, but it dials up huge sound and a platform that can be expanded upon with the addition of two more rear speakers to an even richer aural dimension.

Q Acoustics suggests placing two speakers roughly in line with your viewing position on either side of the seating space, as well as two more speakers on either side of the television itself. The center speaker and subwoofer should also be positioned near the TV. The subwoofer adds a 12-inch driver to the mix to create ample boom, and the speaker system itself was chosen for two consecutive years as the best speaker package by What Hi-Fi (as noted on the Q Acoustics product page). The sub is black, regardless of the speaker cabinet color you select, but the speakers can be added to your theater room in graphite, black, white, or walnut shades to complement your existing aesthetic.