Mint Mobile Increases Monthly Data Caps: What Subscribers Should Know

Following the recent announcement that wireless giant T-Mobile will acquire the brand, Mint Mobile has decided to celebrate by giving its customers a data boost on each plan. Effective April 14, Mint Mobile is expanding its data offerings for free. This is the third time the company has upgraded its data buckets without increasing prices.

Those on the 4 GB plan will now get 5 GB of data, according to Mint, with the price remaining at $15 per month. The 10 GB plan offers a more substantial bump by 5 GB, bringing it to 15 GB for $20 per month. Similarly, the 15 GB plan gets an additional 5 GB to bring its new limit to 20 GB for $25 per month.

For users on the $30 per month Unlimited plan, your data will now throttle at 40 GB, up from 36 GB. And if you use the mobile hotspot feature, your allowance goes from 5 GB to 10 GB of monthly data. The change applies to both new and existing customers, and you won't have to do anything to take advantage. Look for the increase at the onset of your next data cycle.

Mint Mobile will soon live under the T-Mobile umbrella

Fans of the company weren't sure what to make of Mint Mobile's future after T-Mobile's acquisition announcement. The general outlook seemed bright, considering the latter's stated goal of disrupting the wireless industry with value-rich plans and features. The deal hasn't closed yet, so technically, you can't attribute this data hike to T-Mobile. 

But there's little fear that regulatory blessings won't be granted, and with the final price of the sale being contingent on undisclosed performance metrics, we'd bet this move is the first of many to make Mint Mobile a more attractive buy. The change likewise comes at a time when Mint is facing increasing competition, such as from Dish with its relatively new $25 per month Boost Infinite unlimited plan.

This data increase should undoubtedly help it retain existing customers. And if the base $15 per month starting price wasn't enough to attract new customers, these new data allowances should pay dividends toward growing its long-term subscriber count. What's next, and when? It felt like T-Mobile was rolling out new perks and exciting changes every month during the earliest of its Uncarrier years. Those expectations would be unfair to place on Mint Mobile, considering it isn't nearly as big as T-Mobile was at that point in its history. Still, we'd be surprised if this is the last delivery of good news all year.