T-Mobile may up the "uncarrier" approach by ditching contracts

T-Mobile may have chosen to brand themselves as the uncarrier, however it is looking they they may soon take that a step further. These latest details are still in what we would consider the rumor category, however it is looking like T-Mobile may soon ditch the contracts. But before you start thinking about high priced phones and large up front payments, there is more to the story here.

The details suggest that T-Mobile will soon go contract free, which also means that early termination fees will be a thing of the past. That alone is starting to make things seem better already, isn't it. As to how this is expected to work without requiring someone to shell out $500, $600 or more upfront — a mix of down payments and monthly payments. Think of it like financing the price of the device. Details suggest that would mean paying $99 or less at the time or purchase and then paying the remainder monthly until the device is paid in full.

Again, details have yet to be confirmed by T-Mobile which means things could still change. The nice part here, this is all expected to go into effect later this month. TmoNews is reporting that T-Mobile may be looking to put this in effect as early as March 24 with an announcement coming as soon as this Monday. Assuming that plays out as expected, Monday could be a big day for T-Mobile.

As for those existing customers still under contract with T-Mobile — you are not going to let off entirely. In fact, it was said that any existing contracts will remain in place until they expire. Otherwise, if you were considering upgrading this weekend, you may want to hold off until Monday, just in case. In addition to the contract-free shift, T-Mobile is also expected to do some further rebranding. This is expected to include what is being called "Dual 4G" in which they promote their HSPA+ and LTE networks.

[via TmoNews]