2024 BMW XM Label Red Gives Beastly Hybrid SUV A Wild 738 Horsepower

BMW has been designing cutting-edge vehicles across gasoline, diesel, and now hybrid-electric power for generations. Its latest design, the XM Label Red, has now been unveiled by the company. Announced on April 11, 2023, BMW is set to bring a new M Hybrid system to its product lineup that delivers a truly massive 738 horsepower to the drivetrain. "Today, BMW M GmbH presents an even more powerful, more exclusive version of its first-ever electrified high-performance vehicle," the press release states.

The automaker notes that the 2024 model will make its debut at the Auto Shanghai international motor show in April, and then begin production later in August 2023 at BMW's Spartanburg plant in South Carolina. No word has yet come out on the model's price tag, but it's sure to rival other, similar performance vehicles, perhaps like the Mercedes-AMG 63 S E Performance (starting at $221,888). The new BMW XM lineup is akin to the concept production that debuted in the 2023 24 Hours of Daytona race. As well, the new update to the platform offers a 94 horsepower boost to the standard XM model, and peak torque is improved by 148 lb-ft to a max output of 738 lb-ft.

The power output is the star of this show

BMW's XM Label Red utilizes a high-rev V8 engine combined with a potent electric motor to produce its enormous horsepower output. The vehicle can reach a top speed of 175 miles per hour when paired with an optional M Driver's Package, as well as a zero to 60 mph acceleration time estimate of just 3.7 seconds. The vehicle benefits from an all-wheel drive layout and chassis controls that are model-specific, allowing for precision handling and control over the car at all times.

The gasoline engine is a 4.4-liter V8 that produces 577 horsepower on its own, with a peak torque output of 553 lb-ft. The electric motor offers 194 horsepower and 206 lb-ft of peak torque, augmenting the engine seamlessly. Paired with the dual power producers is an 8-speed M Steptronic transmission that ensures near-instantaneous power and precision throttle responsiveness for the high-performance driving experience that BMW owners have come to expect from the M Series vehicles.

In terms of electric-only capabilities, the BMW XM Label Red can provide an electric-only drive that's free of emissions and almost entirely silent. It offers an 87-mile-per-hour maximum speed and roughly 30 miles of electric range from a 19.2 kWh lithium-ion battery located in the underbody of the car. The M Hybrid system's charging capability offers AC charging at a max rate of 7.4 kW, resulting in a full charge from depletion in 3.25 hours.

Visually, the XM Label Red will be stunning

The BMW XM Label Red promises a visually arresting style to complement the performance metrics the vehicle will bring to the table. "The muscular proportions of a dynamic Sports Activity Vehicle converge with a bold, self-confident exterior design featuring large surfaces, clear lines and a front-end look reserved for BMW's luxury-class models," says BMW of the vehicle's aesthetic.

The car will utilize light-alloy wheels that measure a standard 23 inches (as well as a smaller 22-inch wheel option that can be implemented without additional cost). The XM Label Red will add a metallic, Toronto Red accent band to the footprint instead of the standard black that features in existing models, as well as black high-gloss grille and diffuser features. To round out the visuals of the vehicle, buyers will have the option of over 50 specialized paint finishes from the manufacturer, with no additional charge for this selection. 

Inside the car, drivers will be met with a sports car cockpit and the trappings of luxury associated with the M Series platform. BMW also notes that the back seats will feature luxurious amenities that "transform the rear of the BMW XM Label Red into an exclusive M Lounge." A Harman Kardon surround sound system, four-zone climate control, and ambient lighting (as well as a 100-LED illumination system) all feature in the elegant interior design of the vehicle.