2024 Volkswagen Atlas Peak Edition Gives Big SUV A Rugged Makeover

Volkswagen may be heading upmarket with its 2024 Atlas and Atlas Sport SUVs, but a new trim unveiled at the New York International Auto Show shows off an option more suited to offroading. Standing on the summit of the VW sports utility mountain is the Atlas' "Peak Edition" trim. While we don't yet know how the vehicle will "peak" in terms of performance, we do know it will come with special wheels, " all-terrain tires," "signature" interior design, and more "rugged" bodywork.

The Peak Edition stands out. Its underbody is silver, while bold "blackout" cladding features prominently around the outside. Look at it from the front, and you'll see a "gloss-black 'X' design element" taking up most of the real estate on the vehicle's face. A blacked-out grille forms the centerpiece and is broken up by two chrome strips that pop out against the black background. 

This theme continues with the side sills, also in black and silver, and carries through to the back. At the rear, you will see chrome exhaust bezels paired with a black and silver diffuser. The tailgate strip, roof rack, wheel arches, window surround, and mirror caps are black. Orange and black Peak Edition logos feature on the vehicle's flanks, and its 18" chrome wheels sport a set of 55/60 all-terrain tires.

For paint colors for the rest of the exterior, you can pick between Avocado Green and Pure Grey. Both are making their Atlas debut on the Peak Edition.

The concept has been carried over

The vehicle is based on Volkswagen's "Basecamp" concept, unveiled in 2019. The Basecamp itself was, in turn, based on an earlier version of the VW Atlas. The orange accents carry over into the Peak Edition's badge — which adorns several spots on the car's interior and exterior. Black trim elements are also apparent on both vehicles.

Volkswagen's Atlas Peak Edition also brings the color themes from the concept to its interior. Orange appears again, this time in the form of contrast stitching which adorns the upholstery. It contrasts wonderfully with the black leatherette; gray accents are also visible in many areas. Peak Edition branding appears again on the steering wheel, and a backlit logo appears on the dash. The doors also differ from the standard version, featuring a black metallic check pattern.

If you're interested in the "Peak Edition," you'll be happy to know that Volkswagen will release it this summer as part of its 2024 Atlas lineup. More details, including the exact specs the trim comes with, are expected to emerge between now and then.