GMC Teases New Hummer EV Overlander Concept-Vehicle

If there's one thing GMC's Hummer brand is known for, it's over-the-top vehicles, and the all-electric Hummer EV took that same level of excess and applied it to electric vehicles with incredible effect. For 2024, GMC took what it had learned with the Hummer EV Pickup and launched the Hummer EV SUV. The Hummer EV SUV features the same off-road chops as the original Hummer EV Pickup but has different styling, a slight size reduction, and an enclosed back for people and gear hauling. 

The Hummer EV SUV is a formidable vehicle for steep off-road work and luxury road trips. It's the Hummer EV Pickup, however, that will form the base of a custom overlanding concept built in collaboration with EarthCruiser, as teased by GMC on Instagram

EarthCruiser is a company that focuses on building premium overlanding vehicles, whether they be converted Ford F-350 and RAM 3500 pickup trucks or cab-over designs. EarthCruiser knows overlanding vehicles, and the partnership hopes to combine that experience with the Hummer EV platform's performance. 

A concept Hummer overlander coming in summer 2023

The Hummer EV Pickup presents a unique challenge for EarthCruiser. It's an electric vehicle with a bed considerably smaller than the Ram 3500 or the Ford F-350 that EarthCruiser typically converts into its Terranova. Looking at the teased image on GMC's page announcing the collaboration, EarthCruiser has solved the space problem by simply having a portion of the new live-in cabin overhanging the end of the truck's bed. 

The biggest concern with an electric overlanding vehicle is range, and it seems as though EarthCruiser will attempt to mitigate the problem with an array of solar panels on the roof of the adapted Hummer EV. Likely, the solar panels are there more to power the onboard electronics than to add EV range to the vehicle, but the ability to add a few miles of range per day would surely be welcome. 

As EarthCruiser explains, though, the granularity of torque control available in an electric vehicle and the simplicity of a car that does away with the complex differentials and transmissions are attractive prospects for an overlander.