Today's Wordle Answer #646 - March 27, 2023 Solution And Hints

This week in Wordle starts off with a word that might cause controversy — it's not unpopular, but it's perfectly understandable if it doesn't occur to you as a possible Wordle answer. It's a noun that describes a kind of eco-friendly fertilizer, and we'll share a couple of clues to help you grow closer to the word before you run out of guesses. If you'd prefer to cut to the chase, you can skip ahead to the second section — we reveal the solution there, no teasers.

Like yesterday's answer, the word you're looking for is quite vowel-heavy; it has U, A, and O as its second, third, and fifth letters, respectively. There are no repeated letters, and the word rhymes with "soprano." It's the name of manure made from bird and bat dung, and if you replace its last letter with A, you'd have the name of an island of the British Virgin Islands. If you add the letter I to the beginning of this new word and replaced the last letter with A, you'd have a very large lizard.

The answer could fall from the sky

If you're still unsure, the answer to today's Wordle puzzle (#646 — March 27, 2023) is guano. It is used to describe bird and bat feces commonly used as manure because they have high nitrate content. According to Etymonline, guano is from a Spanish word of the same spelling and meaning, tracing back to Quechua "huanu" of the same meaning. The word is also the source of the organic compound known as guanine because the chemical was derived from it.

We're lucky it only took us four tries to solve the puzzle today — it could have been more. When we entered our starting guess, butch, there was one green tile and 123 possible answers left. The second guess, purse, did not turn any more tiles green but it reduced potential answer words to just 29. We still weren't close enough to a solid guess of the solution word, and our third guess, muddy, was an accurate description of our state of mind at this point. Thankfully, it whittled down the possible answers to nine, and we made a fortunate fourth guess. Hopefully, you finish faster.