Today's Wordle Answer #645 - March 26, 2023 Solution And Hints

Today's Wordle answer means to detangle someone or something. If you're stuck trying to solve the puzzle or running out of attempts, we're sure an untangling is something you can get behind. To help make the solution clearer, we'll share some hints that should bring it to mind, and if you prefer to cut to the chase, you can skip ahead to the second section for an answer reveal.

The word you're looking for is not an obscure one, but its letter arrangement isn't the most straightforward. It's a verb with three vowels, U, I and E, as its first, fourth and fifth letters respectively. No letters are repeated, and the word is derived from a negation of another verb which means to fasten or bind, but also doubles as the noun for an item of neckwear.

If you add the letter A to the beginning of the word, you'd have a name you might call your parent's female sibling, or the BBC's nickname. This new word is also the first in the brand name of an American pretzel company franchise.

The answer is freeing

The solution to today's Wordle puzzle (#645 – March 26, 2023) is untie. The word means to loosen a knot, and is the negative of "tie," which is the kind of word whose origin you might never actively consider. But as always, Wordle is always the perfect motivation for us to do some etymological enquiries.

Etymonline reports that "tie" in its noun form is from Old English "teag," which means "cord, band, thong, or fetter," itself from Proto-Germanic "taugo," which means "that with which anything is tied." Per the same source, its verb usage traces back to Old English "tiga" or "tiegan," which means "to bind, join, or connect."

Like yesterday, it took four tries to solve the puzzle, but it didn't have to. Our starting word, white, did a superb job whittling down the possible answers to just seven. But it took guessing "stile" and "tinge" before the answer became clear. We hope you finish faster.