Today's Wordle Answer #644 - March 25, 2023 Solution And Hints

This week's Wordle answer is a welcome respite from all the tough words we've had as solutions so far. Not only is it a common word, but its letter arrangement is quite within reach as well. Still, a Wordle failure is only ever six guesses away, and if you are like us and you're diligently preserving a streak, the last thing you want is a puzzle you can't solve.

To help you prevent that, we'll share a few hints that should nudge you toward the answer. We'll keep them subtle enough that the game doesn't lose its challenge, but if you prefer to skip the mind games and cut to the chase, you can jump ahead to the second section — we reveal the answer there, no teasers.

The word of the day is a noun for a person who participates in an election and is a campaign target. It has two vowels, O and E, as its second and fourth letters respectively, and there are no repeated letters. The word rhymes with "motor," and if you replace its first letter with R, you'd have a new word that means to burp.

The answer is enfranchised

Still uncertain? The answer to today's Wordle puzzle (#644 – March 25, 2023) is VOTER. The word is derived from "vote," which according to Etymonline, is from Latin "votum," originally translated as a vow, wish, or solemn pledge. The evolution of the word to its current meaning is probably in the context of enacting one whom one wishes to rule, although sources do not specify.

It took four tries to figure out the solution today. We kicked off guessing with the starting word "crone," and it was a very lucky choice — not only did it turn three tiles yellow, but it also whittled down possible answer words from the standard 2,315 to a mere 50. After the second guess, board, that number went down further to 21, and the third guess, hoper, left us with 14. Guessing correctly after that was apparently very lucky, and we hope you're able to turn your tiles green just as quickly. If you're in the mood for more brain-teasers, here are other games like Wordle you can try.