How Long Do Hyundai Electric Car Batteries Last?

The ubiquity of cars on the world's roads is a significant pollution source. For some drivers and auto manufacturers, hybrids and electric cars are a heavy focus regarding potential ways to mitigate this impact. The United Kingdom's Local Government Association cites less complicated repairs, cheaper running costs, and lower pollution as reasons to adopt such a vehicle, noting that "national government policy is encouraging a transition away from internal combustion engines and towards ultra-low emission vehicles, including EVs, over the next 20 years."

Nevertheless, many factors stillĀ complicate the decision to choose an electric car. One big concern, of course, is switching to a battery-powered vehicle after a lifetime of driving with those familiar, roaring engines.

How long does the battery of a Hyundai electric car last? There isn't a single catch-all answer, but here are the details as they're currently understood. This, of course, is a crucial concern for any owner or potential owner of such a vehicle.

The wide variation in the cost and lifespan of electric car batteries

As any car owner knows, it's not just the initial cost of a vehicle that new owners have to worry about. Any car is a significant financial responsibility for its life, with gas, tax, repairs, tolls, and other concerns.

Electric vehicles' repairs and expenses are somewhat different beasts in various ways. According to Hyundai Suntrup, as may be expected, the battery represents the most significant outlay should it need to be replaced. A new battery can cost drivers as much as $15,000. Industry-wide, NerdWallet estimates that the price will vary widely: as low as $4,000, up to a potential $20,000.

Fuel economy is a significant concern for anybody in the market for a new vehicle, as it can make an enormous difference in long-term running costs. Fully-electric cars may not be subject to often-egregious fuel prices (California and Hawaii have the highest in the United States, Forbes Advisor stated in March 2023, at an average of $4.82 per gallon), but the principle remains the same. How long does one of Hyundai's pricey electric car batteries last its owner?

According to the manufacturer, drivers can expect a minimum of 10 years up to 20 years from one. As is always the case with batteries, a lot depends on how it's used, and there are some ways to ensure they last as long as possible.

What can drivers do to help their electric car batteries last longer?

Hyundai Suntrup notes that at least an eight-year warranty is provided with the batteries in the United States, which speaks volumes about the longevity they're expected to have. Nonetheless, it is also the driver's responsibility to use them in a way that supports this long life. To that end, the manufacturer suggests that focusing on slower rather than fast charges when you can and avoiding heat when possible are two ways to increase battery lifespan.

In addition, the dealer also recommends keeping battery life between 20% and 80% as often as you can, which may mean skipping some nightly charges. Finally, it recommends that owners "drive in a mild manner," as batteries that discharge slowly will retain capacity longer than those that are more often discharged at fast rates.

The green factor is the most-touted aspect of electric cars, but there are other considerations for potential buyers to weigh up to. Battery life is just one of them.