How To Share A Google Maps Destination To Your Tesla

Google Maps became the most popular travel app in 2021. It eclipsed Uber with 106 million user downloads worldwide. Moreover, Google Maps is the most downloaded travel app in 2022, with 113 million downloads on iOS and Google Play combined. We expect the numbers to soar as Google adds more features and nifty updates to its popular web mapping platform.

Google has also added new features like green navigation options, a wildfire boundary feature, and grocery pickup capabilities to Google Maps in 2021. Before that, it rolled out a feature that allows EV drivers to find compatible charging stations on Google Maps. It applies to any EV, regardless of the type of charger your car requires.

Moreover, Google Maps makes it easy to share directions or maps with other apps or via the Chrome browser. For example, if you have a Tesla and the Tesla app downloaded to your smartphone, you can use Google Maps to send map directions to your EV with a few taps.

From phone to Tesla in just a few steps

First, you must have the Tesla app running in the background on your Android or iOS smartphone. Next, sharing a map or directions from Google Maps to your Tesla is no different from sharing your map details with other apps like Facebook Messenger or Chrome.

Locate the destination on your phone, drop a pin (touching and holding over the address or establishment), tap Share, and tap Tesla from the sharing menu. If you can't find Tesla in the menu, scroll to the side to see more apps in the share sheet. After sharing, the destination will be locked and loaded in your Tesla sat nav the next time you go for a drive.

It's important to note that you can't share a screenshot or image of the map, maps with distance measurements, or a map with privately saved locations. But, according to Google, you can share businesses or business addresses, a direction search, or a street view image of the intended area.