Lamborghini's LB744 Supercar Is Part V12, Part Electric, And Entirely Wild

Lamborghini has dropped some big figures and details on its upcoming hybrid supercar, the model currently going by the codename LB744. The upcoming high-performance EV boasts a V12 engine — one that's both the "lightest and most powerful" it has made to date, according to the automaker — paired with a trio of electric motors, one of which resides with the gearbox. Two of those electric motors are found in the front of the supercar while the ICE V12 engine delivers power to the back half, giving drivers the four-wheel drive for which Lamborghini is known.

The Italian automaker says the third electric motor will work to send power to the back wheels in lieu of the ICE when the hybrid is used in certain modes, depending on the driving conditions. Among the LB744's bragging rights is its distinction as the first Lamborghini to bring the aforementioned four-wheel drive to the fully electric driving mode. The automaker notes that in order to keep the energy usage optimized, however, the upcoming hybrid supercar will stick with the front-wheel drive when driven in electric mode, with on-demand delivery of electric power to the back axle taking place only "when needed."

More than 1,000 horsepower from a hybrid supercar

The LB744 features a 6.5-liter V12 mid-mounted naturally aspirated combustion engine, according to Lamborghini, alongside a new eight-speed double-clutch gearbox the automaker says will debut on the model. The transmission tunnel has been replaced by the 61-inch-long Li-ion battery, which can be recharged in half an hour — and as expected, that charging can happen either via the regenerative braking system, the V12 combustion engine (which reduces the charging time to a mere six minutes), or the hybrid can be plugged into a charger when not in use. 

Lamborghini goes on to explain that the unique hybrid nature of the LB744 — that is, one featuring three electric motors alongside the V12 – results in "performance levels that are unique even within the domain of super sports cars." Buyers can expect a combined max output of just over 1,000 horsepower (1,015 CV). The automaker notes that the lithium-ion battery is positioned in such a way that the center of gravity remains "as low as possible," while the two front electric motors are designed for "optimizing driving dynamics."

Of note, this is only the third V12 Lamborghini to feature a transverse rear gearbox, putting it in the same exclusive club as the 1966 Miura and the Essenza SCV12 hypercar. Among other things, the automaker explains that by using this new double-clutch gearbox, it's able to make the LB744's cabin a bit roomier, which is the only tease we get beyond the raw tech specs. It likely won't be long, however, before we get a look at the model's exterior.