Apple's Yellow iPhone 14 Adds A Sunny Option To Your Big Color Decision

Apple is hoping to bring a little spring into the air with its upcoming launch of the new daffodil-colored yellow iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus. The new color joins five existing iPhone 14 hues— midnight (black), starlight (white), red, blue (which appears to be more of a dusty periwinkle), and pink. All of iPhone 14's colors, including yellow, are available in 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB storage increments. The yellow phone, like its companions, comes with an IP68 water-resistance rating and a ceramic screen shield for heightened scratch and shatter protection.

The headline features of the newest iPhone remain the same in the new color. This includes emergency services such as satellite SOS communications when a cellular connection isn't available, vehicular crash detection, and what Apple purports as the best battery life in iPhones to date. The yellow iPhone 14 starts at $799 in the United States, and the 14 Plus's price tag for a baseline model is $899.

New color comes amidst sales performance concerns regarding the 14

Is this sunshiny new phone color enough to part the clouds over iPhone 14 sales? Evidence of poor sales performance for Apple's newest phone lineup emerged last fall, as early as two weeks after the line's release — the impact of unimpressed consumers was so great that the tech giant slashed production of the iPhone 14 Plus by 40%. Another report from The Information states that production of the phone was paused altogether, or cut by up to 90%, within a couple of weeks after the debut because sales were so low.

Despite this bright new color option, the long-term success of the iPhone 14 is unclear. Forbes reports that consumers widely preferred the iPhone 13 over the 14, and the iPhone 15 is already on the horizon, reportedly with a slew of upgrades for its top-of-the-line models and a more affordable entry-level model. Regardless, anyone who finds this banana phone a-peeling can secure it through preorder starting this Friday, March 10. Widespread availability begins Tuesday, March 14.