This New ChatGPT Plugin Is An Absolute Game-Changer If You Use Google Sheets

On February 19, 2023, a third-party developer brought an update to the Google Sheets feature that has prompted serious waves in the world of spreadsheet usage. Google Sheets users can suddenly add powerful AI tools to their data tables, and the results are stunning, to say the least. The plugin is called and brings a potent range of tools to bear for the user looking to increase their spreadsheet automation use and general functionality.

The system is built on the ChatGPT platform, although it isn't publicly known yet which version of the AI program is running (it's likely not the newest, ChatGPT 4.0 model from OpenAI). However, the plugin appears to add powerful operability to the user, regardless of the version that's powering the new installation. ChatGPT offers APIs for its GPT-3 system, so this is surely not the last external tool that will be built with AI functionality built into the very fabric of the utility. In truth, spreadsheet users are waking up to a brand new era of data organization and manipulation with the introduction of this functionality. With the help of the AI add-in, users will be able to query the AI for a vast array of complex formulas, time-saving operations, and data investigation and retrieval tasks. The plugin reimagines the way that working with spreadsheets can and will be done!

Data extraction, formula creation, and inference tools just scratch the surface

One Reddit user posted a short video on February 14, 2023, showcasing their development of The results are stunning. The user was able to build a comprehensive plugin that extrapolates data from prior inputs, anticipates answer categories, and even builds responses to sample comments. Appending AI chatbot functionality to a spreadsheet is clearly a potent tool and the video (which only runs for 1:40) only scratches the surface of what this marriage of powerful productivity tools can accomplish.

These features can be immensely useful for business users looking to calibrate a wide range of data fields. One interesting thing the Reddit poster was able to do with their creation was generate automated responses to sample review concerns and comments. This could be system-altering for a small business looking to grow its customer base exponentially with a new franchise while seeking to maintain a policy of responding to every review left by a user, for instance. Similarly, the ability to lean on the AI plugin to create formulas can make a power user out of even novice spreadsheet creators. The tools will remake the ways in which both business and personal spreadsheet data entry and formula utilization are done.

The subscription plan starts at $10 per month offers a free, 30 token plan, but this is limited on a monthly basis to 15 formula generations and 15,000 characters as an input threshold for the ChatGPT AI. As well, there is a cap of 30,000 characters of what the plugin developers call busywork automation. Busywork is truly the revolutionary thing about AI in daily life. Snapchat is in the process of rolling out a new AI plugin for its Snapchat Plus subscribers that will bring AI front and center into the conversational social media space, and search engines are dreaming up ways to include these features, too. The future looks to be supercharged with added functionality that can streamline many of the mundane tasks that humans are faced with on a regular basis. As a result, for anyone working with the improved functionality that comes along with this plugin, a paid subscription will likely be necessary, and in a hurry.

For $10 per month, users get a significant boost in output with the 1,000 token plan: 500,000 characters fed to the AI, 1,000,000 characters of busywork automation output, and 500 monthly formulas generated by the tool. For users who need even more productivity from their plugin, the 5,000 token plan costs $30 per month and offers 2,500 formulas, 2,500,000 fed characters, and 5,000,000 busywork automation characters returned.

This is a major change in what spreadsheets can do on the whole

In no uncertain terms, the addition of AI functionality in the spreadsheet environment will improve the user experience that virtually all data enterers experience. Spreadsheets are an integral part of a vast array of accounting tasks, both in financial realms and beyond. Individuals utilize Excel and Google Sheets to keep track of assignments and work productivity requirements, to plan guestlists for parties and events, and in many other ways. Businesses make use of these sheets to collect and organize customer information, mailing lists, and more.

With the help of AI solutions, learning how to make better sense of these spreadsheets, and particularly larger datasets that may be used in business and perhaps even tax preparation contexts, will come naturally to users. The power of AI plugins will make Sheet data more streamlined, faster to complete, and more insightful. The speed may be a particularly welcome addition to the experience of Sheets usage. With AI plugins, people who frequent the Google Sheets application can spend less time developing their data and more time using it in meaningful ways. This will be a time saving and output boosting addition that pays dividends for anyone who relies on Google Sheets for their routine tasks.