You Can Get A Huge Discount On An Xbox Series S Right Now Through Verizon Up

If you thought getting an Xbox Series S for $250 during Black Friday was a steal, wait until you hear about Verizon's latest deal. The wireless carrier is offering a full 50% off its original MSRP, meaning you can own the entry-level version of Microsoft's latest gaming console for just $150.

The Xbox Series S can play all of the same games as the bigger, more expensive Xbox Series X, but with some concessions. For starters, your library must be all-digital, as it doesn't have a disc drive. It also tops out at just 1440p for resolution, and you'll only get 512 GB of storage compared to the Series X's 1 TB (which can be a pretty significant difference depending on the games you play and how many of them you like to have downloaded).

Without the discount, you can still score a Series S for $250 through Verizon, or $10 cheaper than that when buying directly through retailers like Walmart. And while those are still great offers, there hasn't been a pot sweeter than the one Verizon's cooked up. But before you rush for the credit card, this offer is pretty limited. It's available only while supplies last, and it's only accessible to a specific subset of customers.

You'll need to be a Verizon customer

If you want to take advantage of this deal, you must be a Verizon subscriber with a plan that has access to Verizon Up. That's the name of the wireless carrier's rewards program that offers monthly deals on accessories, concert tickets, and gift cards to help soften the blow your Starbucks coffee habit makes on your wallet. Now, you can add to that list a massive discount on a current generation gaming console.

While Twitter deal hunter Wario64 suggests the promotion should ordinarily be available through this link, many folks are having problems accessing it as of writing. Thankfully, you can still access the deal by signing into the My Verizon app on your smartphone or tablet. After signing in, head to the Verizon Up tab and tap the Xbox Series S offer, and then tap "Claim." Verizon will present you with a unique promo code to use at checkout. 

From here, you can either purchase the console directly through the app, or go to Verizon's website, add it to your cart, and go through the checkout there. Make sure you can successfully apply the promo code before placing the order. The offer is also redeemable in-store. Just head into your local Verizon store, ask to purchase a Series S (if they're in stock), and show the clerk your unique barcode at checkout, which you can find on the same page where you received the promo code.