Rivian R1S Max Pack Promises 7 Seats And Estimated 390 Mile Range

A new performance pack has just been announced for one of the world's best off-road electric SUVs. The current Rivian R1S range already has solid specs, with a 300-mile range and a quad-motor AWD system capable of delivering 835 horsepower in total if you opt for the higher-end model. A cheaper version is available, which comes with a dual-motor configuration and 260 miles of range — though the word cheaper is doing a lot of work here. 

You can expect to pay a savings-account-slaughtering $78,000 for the most basic model, while the four-motor version with the extended battery costs $92,000 before fees and taxes. While the price may be high, it is about on par with other vehicles in the Rivian R1S' class. The Tesla Model X costs over 50% more, and a decked-out Ford F-150 Lightning can set you back about the same amount as a Rivian with a premium configuration. You also get a lot for your money. 

Beyond the raw specs, the Rivian has received praise for its luxurious interior. Just because a car is billed as a rugged off-roader doesn't mean it has to be uncomfortable. Its optional extras, while equally pricy, also play into its billing as "the world's first Electric Adventure Vehicle." For a shade over $3,000, you can get a three-person tent included with your electric SUV. And now people interested in the Rivian are about to get another option which, from the looks of things, will sit between the basic $78,000 model and the high-end $92,000 — both in terms of performance and possibly price.

You can get a maxed out two-motor Rivian as early as this fall

The new R1S Max Pack consists of a dual-motor configuration that has been centered around Rivian's own in-house drive unit. In a statement, the company said it had engineered the R1S Max Pack to improve performance both on and off-road. The vehicle's range has been extended, so drivers are less likely to run out of juice and get stranded in the middle of nowhere. This is a bonus on the tarmac and a potential lifesaver off the beaten trail. 

The vehicle is also capable of producing 700 ft-lbs torque, which helps its performance in multiple terrains and means the Rivian can now tow with the best of them. In terms of raw performance on a decent stretch of road, a Rivian sporting the R1S Max Pack will be able to go from zero to 60 in an eye-watering 3.5 seconds. It has achieved all of this without compromising on things like seating capacity. You'll still be able to fit seven people in your Rivian.

RJ Scaringe, Rivian's founder and CEO, broke the news on social media saying: "We're going to be launching a max configuration for the R1S, and we'll be able to do it where we maintain three-row seating," before adding that he was excited about it and that he knows a lot of customers will be excited to get their hands on the new configuration, too. Deliveries of the Rivians with the R1S Max Pack are expected to begin this fall, though there are no details on pricing as things stand.