Ellie's Sony Walkman In The Last Of Us Episode 7 Is A Throwback To '80s Tech

80s nostalgia is big these days, and most of that is down to the success of shows like "Stranger Things." However, another hit show may have recently given its viewers a pining for the neon-tinted years of pre-1990. One of the most prominent pieces of tech from the era just cropped up in "The Last of Us."

During episode seven, eagle-eyed viewers may have spotted Ellie running with a Sony Walkman clipped to her waist during a flashback scene where she is running laps at military school. It appears again later in the episode, when Ellie and Riley dance to the music it's playing. 

The Walkman in the show was itself a nod to the broken Sony Walkman Ellie has on her in the video game version of "The Last of Us." Players may remember spotting the Walkman while going through Ellie's possessions during a segment where she is trying to find medicine for Joel.

The Sony Walkman is closely associated with the 1980s, but it actually arrived in 1979. It was the world's first truly portable music player, and absolutely dominated that market for over a decade. It was battery powered, came with some very flimsy looking headphones, and was capable of playing cassette tapes — the most popular compact media format of the era. 

Despite the fact they are beyond obsolete almost 44 years on, the Walkman still holds a special place in many people's hearts — and Sony recognized that a few years ago.

The 40th Anniversary Walkman was a major throwback

You can still pick a vintage Walkman up online, but you'll also need a bunch of cassettes, batteries, and a way to transport everything around with you. Alternatively, there's a modern equivalent if you want to scratch a nostalgic itch while still clinging on to modern conveniences.

Back in 2019, Sony paid homage to their iconic portable music player by releasing a 40th anniversary edition of the pioneering device. The Walkman of 1979 was truly cutting edge, and while the updated 2019 version was nowhere near as pioneering, it still tried to make good use of modern tech.

It features up to 26 hours of battery life, 16GB of storage, and a 3.6 inch display. The interface and screensaver mimic a cassette tape, and there's a lot of 40th anniversary branding on the case. The tape display will even show the names of the artist, album, and song you're currently listening to. 

The 40th Anniversary Walkman had a very limited run, but if you really want one they're available at or below MSRP on eBay at the moment — so around $250 to $500, depending on condition.