Today's Wordle Answer #618 - February 27, 2023 Solution And Hints

Yesterday's Wordle answer was a sweet word, but today's solution isn't. By definition, it's bad to a greater degree, so it's quite unpleasant. One good thing about it, though, is that it's a common word and it doesn't contain any repeated letters, so it shouldn't be a difficult solve. Still, you only get six attempts per Wordle, and if you're not familiar with strategies for making the best of your Wordle guesses, they might not be enough to turn your tiles green. To help you unravel today's puzzle on time, we'll share a few hints that should point you toward the answer, and you can skip to the second section for the reveal if you prefer.

The word of the day is an adjective that comparatively qualifies something or someone as less good, pleasant, or healthy than another. If you own two laptops — one with a faulty microphone and another with a blacked-out screen — you might use today's solution word to describe the latter.  The word has two vowels, O and E, as its second and fifth letters, respectively, and it rhymes with "verse." You'd hear it in wedding vows when the couple pledges their loyalty to one another despite all odds. You could replace its last letter with T to get an adjective that would describe something that's poorer to a greater degree, or you could swap the first letter for H, in which case you'd have the name of a racing animal.

The answer is really, really bad

If you haven't cracked the code yet, the solution you seek is "worse." For people who learn English as a second language, words like these are typically a stumbling block because the regular rules of conjugation do not apply. Instead of taking the -er and -est suffixes, "bad" morphs into "worse" and "worst" in its comparative and superlative forms, respectively. This is because, according to, English based the word on the Old Saxon "werran," which means to entangle, complicate, or compound.

We figured out the answer on our fourth guess, although things could have been, uhh ... worse. WordleBot reported that most players needed five tries to crack the code. Our opening guess, mauve, colored one tile green and reduced the possible answers to 170, so it wasn't a bad start. After guessing "shine," there were only 11 words left, and "close" brought us closer to the answer. We hope you do even better.