Today's Wordle Answer #609 - February 18, 2023 Solution And Hints

Like yesterday's Wordle answer, today's bingo word contains a repeated letter, which means it might be a tougher-than-usual nut to crack. It literally means to be of benefit or help, and that's exactly what we're here to do if you're struggling to figure out the answer. We'll provide some clues that should nudge you towards the winning word, and you can skip ahead to the second section for a reveal if you prefer to cut to the chase.

Let's start with the most difficult hoop to jump: the repeated letter is A, and it appears as the first and third letter of the solution word, which is a noun that rhymes with "whale." There's another vowel, I, as its fourth letter, and you could accompany the word with "of" to create a phrase that means to make use of something.

If you added the letters TR as a suffix to the answer word, you'd have a new word that means toil or labor, and removing its first letter would leave you with a popular destination for skiers. 

The answer is an advantage

The solution to today's Wordle puzzle (#609 – February 18, 2023) is avail. To avail is to serve or be of use, or to produce or result in an advantage. As Merriam-Webster notes, the word is of Anglo-French origin, from "availler," which is likely a combination of "a-" (from Latin ad-) and "valer" or "valoir," from Latin "valēre," meaning "to be of worth."

Interestingly, the same Latin word is the root of English "wield," which stems from Old English "wieldan," borrowing from Old High German "waltan," which means to rule, and traces back to Latin "valēre," although in this context meaning "to be strong."

It took three tries for us to figure out the answer, so we've officially started a three-guess win streak! We went with the word "brave" as our starting guess, and it was a particularly lucky start — there were only two possible guesses left. Our second guess was "avast," which of course wasn't the right answer, but the third time was the charm.