Here's Why Mr. Beast Thinks Expensive Cars Are A Waste Of Time And Money

MrBeast is one of the most prominent YouTubers on the platform. His reach extends to over 134 million subscribers with new monthly additions at almost 6 million. Search Engine Journal reported that in December 2022, MrBeast was the most followed YouTuber on the platform with 116 million subscribers. While speaking on the Flagrant podcast, Jimmy Donaldson, known online as MrBeast, offers up some poignant thoughts on expensive cars and other luxuries. His thoughts is perhaps should be taken with a caveat, as one of the podcasters points out, asking: "Why do think that? Because you got cars and it didn't fulfill you?" Even so, it's worth noting that the YouTuber prefers to focus on other endeavors. "It just doesn't matter," he says, when delving into his feelings about materialistic purchases.

MrBeast is known primarily for his lavish video ideas. The creator splashes out on his concepts, spending over $4 million on the Squid Game video published in November 2021. Celebrity Net Worth pegs MrBeast at roughly $100 million while noting that the content creator is laser focused on his projects and lives a surprisingly frugal personal lifestyle. To hammer this point home even farther, he revealed in the Flagrant podcast that a buyer had approached him with an offer of $1 billion to acquire his business empire and the humble video mastermind opted to decline the truly reality-bending amount of money.

MrBeast isn't interested in physical possessions

In his appearance on the Flagrant podcast, MrBeast talks about his YouTube channel, a unique Bitcoin debacle he encountered, and his lack of interest in physical possessions. "Money and materialistic objects are different. Like, materialistic objects, I just don't ... they're just pointless," he says when asked why he has a detachment from money. MrBeast notes that he once owned a BMW i8 (the 2021 model starts at $147,500), but quickly realized that the luxe lifestyle simply wasn't for him. As well, in speaking of a burglary that happened in his home, he notes that the thieves made off with his expensive clothing, giving him a sense of relief more so than a dread of having to replace them.

MrBeast pumps most of his earnings back into the production of new ideas to his YouTube channel and business ventures. He simply isn't attached to the ownership of things. This is a fantastic habit for anyone to get into. Scientific American found that as we age, humans become more attached to their belongings, with children being "almost twice as likely to be willing to share their most treasured belonging." 

Vox reports in no uncertain terms that materialism makes everyone unhappy. The habit is "associated with more spending problems and debt," than is typically found in people who lead less materialistic-driven lifestyles as well. Shirking the expensive ride or elegant clothing can help you enjoy a happier lifestyle, and MrBeast touts this type of thinking as he discusses his priorities and the things that give him joy in his own life.

What's more fun than building a business?

MrBeast is heavily invested in his own brand as well as in the process of building others' too. "What's more fun than building a business," he tells the Flagrant podcast team. Instead of taking his earnings and spending them on frivolous, materialistic purchases, he prefers to reinvest his cash into a wide range of interests. The YouTuber has made enough money to be able to pursue just about any interest that he might have. Instead of pouring this financial leverage into expensive hobbies or building up a collection of things, he goes out on limbs to continue creating new concepts. Often, he works with other YouTubers, helping to establish them as influential figures in the digital world as well.

One of the key concepts that MrBeast has embraced when it comes to financial fluency the idea of entanglements. "The less liabilities you have the more risk you can take on," he says. Instead of buying a big house, purchasing lots of cars, and spending exorbitantly on credit cards to outfit his closet, he lives minimally. Without the need to constantly earn a large sum of money to repay debts or service his hobbies, MrBeast is able to focus his financial power wherever he wants, whenever he wants. It's a truly freeing way of living and can be a potent model for others weighing up splurge purchases in the future.