The World's Longest Limo Had Some Wild Features For Ridiculous Parties

Guinness World Records has almost 61,000 active records in its database. The story for one of those titles began in 1986 when famous car customizer Jay Ohrberg used at least six 1976 Eldorado Cadillacs (via Motor Trend) to build a 60-foot limousine with 26 wheels, a V8 engine in the front and another in the back, and could be driven from both ends (via Livemint). Naturally, he called it The American Dream (via Guinness World Records).

Back in the day, it had some "themed rooms," and the helipad could be turned into a mini-golf course (via Autoevolution). The lounge had several televisions and telephones (via Motor Trend). Guinness claims the car held a large waterbed and jacuzzi on the inside, while a pool — complete with a diving board — sat at the back.

If Ohrberg's name sounds familiar, that's because he helped build many of Hollywood's most iconic cars, including K.I.T.T., the sentient Pontiac Trans Am from "Knight Rider" and Doc Brown's DeLorean time machine from "Back to the Future" (via Motor Trend). Later, he would add another forty feet to The American Dream to keep the world's longest car title.

This limo wasn't long for the limelight

The limo took the world by storm, driving its way onto several television appearances and even some Hollywood films. It became a mainstay on the car show circuit and was frequently seen in parades and used as a promotional vehicle. Then, its three minutes of fame faded, was parked in a lot somewhere, and literally left to rot (via Guinness World Records).

Some years later, Michael Manning, owner of the automotive teaching museum, Autoseum, stumbled onto the ruins at an autobody show in New Jersey. He found a listing on eBay and was determined to bring it back to his school and restore it to its former glory. Things didn't go according to plan, and the limo sat out in the back of his building for another eight years before he, too, tried to sell it on eBay in 2019 (via Guinness World Records).

That's when Michael Dezer, owner of Dezerland, reached out. At over 800,000 square feet, it's reportedly "Florida's Largest Indoor Attraction," housing (among other things) a go-kart track, bowling alley, pool tables, a movie theater, bumper cars, an arcade, and a legitimate world-class auto museum.

Land a helicopter, putt some golf balls, go for a swim

The two teamed up to bring the limo back to life, and after more than three years and over $250,000, the restoration was completed in March 2022 (via Guinness World Records). They used parts from at least three additional Cadillacs, including a new drive train and cab. Manning said the subframe looks more like a bridge than something you'd find on a car. They added another 1.5 inches during the restoration, recapturing the world's longest car title.

Today, The American Dream limousine weighs some 25,000 pounds and can easily fit 75 people within its lengthy confines. In the past, the interior included waterbeds, TVs, a refrigerator, and a telephone. However, it has none of the things it used to have as the official video above shows. The inside is essentially a long tube, one that Manning claims can be configured for any type of party. However, on the back is a very small putting green, a good-sized "swimming pool" that looks more like a jacuzzi, and a helipad, which Manning proves in the video a helicopter can actually land on (via Guinness World Records).

Dezer and Manning have plans to make it longer and, possibly, turn it into the world's longest electric vehicle by adding 26 motors (one for each wheel). Because it's not really made for everyday driving, it can be seen at Dezerland in Orlando.