Today's Wordle Answer #603 - February 12, 2023 Solution And Hints

Today's Wordle answer is unusually large, but we have some clues that should help you cut it down to size. As usual, we keep the hints as subtle as possible, so that players who like to work for their win can still get some kind of challenge out of the puzzle. If you don't mind a spoiler though, you can skip ahead to the second section where we reveal the bingo word, no teasers.

The mystery word is a noun that can double as an adjective, and it describes a person or thing that's gargantuan in size. It has two vowels, I and A, as its second and third letters respectively, and there are no repeated letters. It also rhymes with "client" and the Biblical Goliath was one. If you read Jonathan Swift's 1726 novel, Gulliver's Travels, you'll be familiar with the term "brobdingnagian" — which is a synonym of today's winning word.

The answer is humongous

If our hints haven't helped you crack the code, the word you're looking for is "giant." A giant is the stuff of legends, a human of unusual size and strength. In astronomy, a giant star is one with high luminosity and greater mass and size than a main-sequence star (via Merriam-Webster). We use the word frequently over here at SlashGear, almost always in reference to tech behemoths Apple, Google, Tesla and Microsoft and whatever they're up to at the time.

According to Etymonline, the origin of the word traces back to Old French "geant," or its earlier version "jaiant," and Latin "gigas" or Greek "Gigantes." These words all described a legendary person from a race of divine but savage beings who embodied destructive natural forces and were ultimately wiped out by the gods. They were believed to be sons of Gaia, the Greek goddess of the Earth and Uranus, god of sky.

It only took three tries to figure out the answer today, seeing as the winning word isn't unusual nor is its letter combination unconventional. Our opening guess, "count," turned two tiles green and whittled down the possible solutions to 19. We followed up with the word stint, and after that there was only one possible answer. We hope you finish just as quickly, or even faster.