Today's Wordle Answer #599 - February 8, 2023 Solution And Hints

Yesterday's Wordle answer was a simple, common word, but today's answer is not quite the same. So far, this is the pattern of this month's Wordle answers — one day you get a familiar word, the next day it's something not as easily guessed.

While the mix keeps the game interesting and keeps players on their toes, it might also make it simply exasperating, especially if you've already used up some of your five attempts. To help you make the most of your guesses, we'll share some clues that should have you turning your tiles green in no time.

Today's mystery word is a weapon with a striking head attached to a long, flexible rope or chain, deployed by violently swinging the handle around in order to hit anything in its path. The word can also function as a verb, in which case it would describe a frantic, uncoordinated movement.

There are two vowels in the word you're looking for — "A" and "I" as the third and fourth letters, respectively. The second letter is also repeated as the last letter, and the first letter is "F." The word rhymes with "braille," and if you removed the second letter from the word, you'd have a verb that means to be unsuccessful at something. If you're still unsure of the solution word, let's make sure you're not unsuccessful at today's Wordle — the answer's coming right up.

The answer is also a threshing tool

The solution to today's Wordle puzzle (#599 – February 8, 2023) is "flail." A flail is either a weapon or a threshing implement that allows the wielder some distance from the main tool, giving room to strike objects in a wide radius.

Per Merriam-Webster, the term originated from Middle English "fleil" — itself partly from Old English "flegel" or fligel," derived from Anglo-French "flael" and Late Latin "flagellum," which means whip. If you're familiar with biology, you'll know that the term "flagellum" refers to an anatomical structure that extends from some types of plant and animal sperm cells (as well as from a variety of microbes) to enable mobility. The same Latin word is the root of English "flagellate," which means to whip or scourge someone or something.

Today, we went with one of the expert-recommended starting words, "roast," and that turned one tile green and left 72 possible answers. After a lucky second guess, "flank," we had three green tiles and narrowed it down to only two remaining words. At this point, we were sure of a three-try triumph, but unfortunately, our third guess, "flame," wasn't the bingo word we'd hoped. We cracked the code on the fourth try, but WordleBot's report that the average player needed five tries to crack the code gave us some solace.