Today's Wordle Answer #598 - February 7, 2023 Solution And Hints

If you're struggling with unraveling today's Wordle mystery, we have some hints that could help you turn your tiles green in no time. The word of the day is in common usage, and even though it contains a repeated letter, it's still such a familiar thing that a few clues should set off the light bulb for you. If you've already used up some of your attempts, you might not want to take chances with the rest. In that case, you can skip to the second section for a full reveal of the solution word, no teasers.

The word of the day is a noun that describes a fruit that could be red, green, or both colors. It's a doctor-repellent and the name of one of the world's biggest smartphone manufacturers. You get one in your eye when you're really fond of someone or something, and New York is a big one. A bad one is a figurative term for a shady person, and it prompted Isaac Newton's discovery of the law of universal gravitation.

If you're still unsure, the following hints should seal the deal. The word you're looking for has two vowels, A and E, as its first and last letters respectively. We won't disclose the repeated letter for the sake of players who like to work for their win, but it's in the second and third position of the answer word.

The fruit of Eden

Still unsure? The word you seek is "apple." An apple is a pome fruit that originated from Kazakhstan in central Asia. In fact, the capital of Kazakhstan, Alma Ata, means "full of apples" or "father of the apples" (via Orchard Project). From there it spread to Western Europe and America and became adopted in different cultures for different uses.

In most countries, apples are mostly grown for sale and consumption as fresh fruit, but they're also used for vinegar, juice, applesauce, jelly, cider, wine, brandy, and canned pie stock. The US is known for using the fruit in pies, so much so that apple pie has become a somewhat archetypal American dessert. The US is also known for Apple Inc., the iPhone manufacturer which is among the world's largest companies. There's a popular notion that the name of the company was influenced by Newton's association with the fruit, especially because Apple's first logo was an image of Newton sitting under an apple tree, but the truth is actually much simpler.

The word itself is from Old English "æppel," which was a generic term for all kinds of fruit except berries, based on Proto-Germanic "*ap(a)laz" and Proto-Indo-European "*ab(e)l." Per this naming structure, dates were called "fingeræppla" in Old English, literally translating as finger-apples; bananas were "appel of paradis," and cucumbers "eorþæppla," literally meaning "earth apple," similar to the French naming of potato as "pomme de terre" or "apple of the earth." This is why it was assumed that the unnamed "fruit of the forbidden tree" in Genesis was an apple (via Etymonline).