Today's Wordle Answer #597 - February 6, 2023 Solution And Hints

We begin this new week in Wordle with a puzzle that's not at the easiest nut to crack. It contains a repeated letter, and its letter arrangement is not as easily guessed as yesterday's answer. To help you arrive at the solution as quickly as possible, we'll supply some hints that should demystify the answer, but if you'd rather not do the brain teasing, you can skip to the second section for a full reveal.

The word of the day is an adjective with one vowel, I, as its second letter. It's a derivative of the number you get when you square three, and it's also the name of a musical interval that exceeds an octave by either a tone or a semitone. A cat would also die after going through this many lives.

We won't reveal the repeated letter because it might give too much away, and we want to keep the game challenging enough for players who like to work for their win. However, we will disclose this: the last letter of the mystery word is H.

Eighth's neighbour

If you're still unsure, the word you're looking for is "ninth." It's derived from the root word "nine," which is from Middle English "nīn" or Old English "nigen," going back to Proto-Germanic "*newun" (via Etymonline).

One of the most popular uses of the word is in the context of cats having nine lives. Per Newsweek, the origin of the saying is uncertain, but the running story is that it's from Ancient Egypt. They idolised cats and other feline animals, and even erected statues of them. Legend has it that the Egyptian sun god, Atum-Ra, used to take the form of a cat so he could visit the underworld. Atum-Ra gave birth to eight other gods, and thus represented nine lives in one.

We had a stroke of luck today with our opening guess, "burnt," which whittled down the possible answers from 2,315 to just 35. The second guess, thankfully left only three possible answers, and after a third guess of "finch," the answer was clear.