4 Ways To Easily Open The SIM Card Slot On Your iPhone

New iPhones come with a SIM ejector tool in the box, as long as it's included in the models available to your region (unless, of course, you have the new iPhones with eSIMs). It's a tiny metal object with a pointy tip that fits into the tiny slot on the side of the iPhone where the SIM tray is located. The SIM tray is a narrow oval slot with a tiny hole in it, and it's on the right side of most iPhones. It blends into the side of the phone and you might not see it if you're using a phone case. On earlier iPhone models, you'll find it on the bottom edge of the phone.

Because the SIM ejector tool is so small, it's quite easy to lose it. If you buy a second-hand iPhone, you might not even get one at all. You could buy replacement SIM ejectors online, but if you're pressed for time or would rather not shell out the cash, there are alternative tools you can use to eject your SIM tray, and all of them are stuff you probably have at home or in the office. It's easy to assume that any sharp and straight object might work, but you also need something sturdy enough to not break or get stuck in the little eject hole. A few tiny tools fit the bill.

How to open an iPhone SIM tray without the ejector tool

Here are some everyday items you could use instead of a regular SIM ejector tool:

1. Earring. Studs work best, but other kinds of earrings will also work, as long as the posts (the parts that go into the earlobe) are long enough. Try not to apply too much pressure so you don't bend or break the earring and damage the SIM tray. Stick it in the hole, give it a gentle push, and the SIM tray should slide out.

2. Staple pins are another option. They may be tricky to use because regular staple pins are very thin and flexible, which means you risk bending them or piercing your fingers in the process. But if you can find a thicker industrial staple, it will work perfectly as a SIM ejector tool.

3. Safety pins will also get the job done, but you'd have to use a small one, as larger safety pins might not fit in the hole. Also, there are fewer chances of piercing your finger with a safety pin since it has a blunt end that you can hold on to. It's also quite easy to retrieve from the SIM tray hole for this reason.

4. Paper clip. This is arguably the best alternative tool for ejecting the SIM on your iPhone because it's the closest shape you can get to the standard tool. We recommended it in another article about ejecting your Android SIM slot without the ejector tool. You'll have to unfold one side until it's straight, then stick it into the little hole.

Some people recommend using toothpicks, but they're usually too big for the purpose, and little splinters can break off into the hole and block it. We do not recommend it.