Tesla's $300 Charging Mat Isn't For Your Electric Car

There is no denying that the adoption of wireless charging has been on the rise. The reasons for the surge in popularity include the increased availability of wireless charging-enabled devices and the rapid growth of wireless charging infrastructure. This has led to an increase in consumer demand for companies to adopt the technology at faster rates.

As more people become aware of the benefits of wireless charging, the likelihood of these potential consumers purchasing devices that support wireless charging also increases. Citing it as a potential revenue stream, Apple move toward its own wireless charging pad in 2017. Apple called its wireless charger the Apple AirPower, and its claim to fame was the capability to simultaneously charge three devices at once. Unfortunately, Apple never launched it officially and canceled it citing engineering issues.

Fast forward to 2022, and it seems Tesla is trying its hand at making something like the Apple AirPower. Amidst news of Tesla's spiraling stock prices, the clean energy company, primarily known for its electric cars, announced the launch of a new product called the Tesla Wireless Charging Platform. Not related to electric vehicles at all, this wireless pad is a Qi certified wireless charger that can charge devices like smartphones, earbuds, and smartwatches.

What can the Tesla Wireless Charging Platform do?

It can charge all devices that support the Qi standard. What makes the Tesla Wireless Charging Platform special is its ability to juice up three separate devices at once, at the reasonably fast speed of 15W. Tesla claims that the design of this new wireless charging pad is inspired by the company's much-delayed Cybertruck. Besides featuring an aluminum housing with an Alcantara surface, the charging pad also ships with a detachable magnetic stand that allows the devices to be kept at an angle.

While Tesla didn't confirm this in its press release for the Wireless Charging Platform, reports indicate (via TechCrunch) that the company's accessory uses a technology developed by a company called Aria. While consumers can buy the Tesla Wireless Charging Platform right away from Tesla's website, the company only expects to ship the product around February 2023. How many of you would be willing to shell out $300 on something like this?