Amazon Gives Discounted Xbox Series S A $40 Credit For Cyber Monday

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Haven't switched over to 4K yet? The Xbox Series S plays all the latest games available on Microsoft's newest gaming console, but it plays games up to 1440p, and not 4K like the Xbox Series X. Further yet, it doesn't have a physical disc drive and has half the internal storage, but all of that also means It's available at a lower price point. The console was already a great buy at its $300 retail price, but Amazon's latest Cyber Monday sale knocks it down to $240 — a full $60 off. 

Better yet, it comes with a $40 Amazon credit that you can use toward any future purchase. The retailer isn't strictly advertising this as a Cyber Monday deal, so we don't know if today will be your only opportunity to buy one. Our recommendation is to jump on this as soon as possible, as it's likely to be a hot seller either way.

Xbox Series S vs Series X: Who is it for?

The Xbox Series S is an ideal backup console for a second room in your home (perhaps used with your monitor to complement your gaming PC), or for your young ones who don't get caught up in pixel peeping and only care about playing the latest games. Even if you have a 4K TV and you intend to use this as your primary console, games can look pretty great with the advanced resolution upscaling available in most of today's sets, and you still get that smooth 120Hz performance in games that support it.

Sadly, affordable storage space remains a problem for all current-gen consoles. While Microsoft advertises 512GB, you might get less than 400GB after the system OS eats its share. With some games demanding as much as 100-150GB, you can quickly run out of headroom. You might survive with an affordable external hard drive to store games on while you're not playing them, as moving games from one hard drive to another is much quicker than redownloading them.

It's also worth noting that older, non-optimized games can be played directly from an external hard drive. If you anticipate needing more storage for current games, your best bet might be to step up to the 1TB Xbox Series X, which costs $260 more than this deal (and is typically harder to find), or add an optional storage expansion card, which is similarly costly, starting at $220 for 1TB.