Today's Wordle Answer #519 - November 20, 2022 Solution And Hints

New week, new Wordle! If yours isn't starting off on a pleasant note because the puzzle is proving difficult, we're here to help. Here are some hints that'll help you figure out the answer on time, but if you'd rather not do any head-scratching, you'll find the full reveal in the second section.

Today's word is in common usage. It has two vowels, A and E, just like yesterday's answer, except now they're in the third and fifth positions, respectively. The word is mostly used as an adjective to describe the quality of being unflinching or undaunted in the face of hardship or adversity, but it is also used as a noun and a verb. It's the name of a popular privacy-focused, open-source web browser with a lion as its logo. If you replace the first letter of the word with G, you'd have a new word that describes a serious or somber demeanor, or a tomb.

The answer is splendid

Today's Wordle answer (November 20 — #519) is brave. Someone is brave if they're fearless or heroic, but you can call something brave if it's colorful or splendid (via Merriam-Webster). The word is from French "brave," itself from Italian "bravo," which means brave or bold, but originally translated as wild or savage. The origin of this meaning is uncertain, but Etymonline reports that it has possible roots in Medieval Latin "bravus" or "pravus," which means cutthroat or villain.

It took four tries to solve the puzzle today. Our first guess, wound, was a rather unlucky start (914 possible solutions left!). We chose the second word, blaze, because it contained two vowels that our first guess didn't. Eliminating vowels early on is a Wordle-solving strategy that narrowed the options down to a mere three and turned three tiles green. After guessing the word brace next, there was only one possible solution. We hope you arrive at the answer faster than we did.