11.6 Inch Leak Of MacBook Air

Late in the week last week, the image you see below was leaked showing what was assumed to be a new 13 inch MacBook Air but what an inside source now notes is, in fact, a MacBook Air, but instead, a smaller one: the upcoming 11.6 inch model. The person familiar with the image notes that this is an early prototype for the 11.6 MacBook Air, codenamed K18. This image was originally thought to be the larger MacBook Air model, but was noted by the source to look to not quite have enough space in its chassis to be the 13 inch. A MacRumors analysis of this photo seems to fit the situation, showing how this image resembles a notebook closer to 10 inches than 13.

Everything having to do with this new MacBook Air, the giant growling roaring of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion – with a whole mane of fancy new features, some talking about the whole FaceTime framework, and everything else you'd expect from a talk given by the master Apples. All of this, all of it, will be revealed at the Back to the Mac event which you can bet your biffy we'll be covering on October 20th, 2010. Maybe we'll even get to show you the keys or the screen!

[Via Apple Insider]