Today's Wordle Answer #505 - November 6, 2022 Solution And Hints

Today's Wordle answer is an adjective that qualifies something as uninteresting or mundane. If that's what your gameplay has become because the puzzle is proving difficult, we're here to help. We'll provide hints to help you unravel the answer if you prefer to do that on your own, and also reveal the full answer in the second section, so you can skip to that if you don't mind the spoiler.

The word you're looking for has two vowels, "A" and "E," as its third and fifth letters, respectively, and there are no repeated letters. It's mostly used to describe food as old, hard, or musty, but it also describes a loss of creativity or productivity because one is stuck in a rut or routine. The word rhymes with bail, and if you moved its first letter to the end, you'd have a new word that's synonymous with "stories." Also, if you swapped the second and fourth letters, you'd have the name of a flat rock formerly used for writing in schools.

The answer is not fresh

The solution to today's Wordle puzzle (#505 — November 6, 2022) is stale. The word is most popular for describing old food, but in law, a case or decree could become stale as a result of long-term inaction, as well. Also, in husbandry, stale (a noun) is what you call the urine of a domestic animal. The word traces back to the Anglo-French "estale," which probably has roots in the Middle Dutch word "stel," which means old (of beer). It also goes as far back as the Old French word "estale," which was used to describe something (usually ale) that has been left to sit long enough to settle or clear. Its meaning as animal urine is from Middle Low German's "stallen," meaning to urinate, or "stal," urine of horses (via Merriam-Webster)

For us, today was a good day to play by the rules. With yesterday's puzzle, we did things our way and it didn't exactly pay off, so our opening guess for today is one of the expert-recommended Wordle starting words, slate, and it had all five letters in the bingo word, with three in the correct position! WordleBot also solved the puzzle in two tries, since slate is almost always its opening guess, so we have double the bragging rights today — solving the puzzle in only two tries, which is just as many as WordleBot's. It's a euphoric feeling, heady enough to carry us into the new week and power through the Monday Blues, and we hope you finish in time to share in this feeling as well.