Twitter Employees Get Last-Minute Email Warning Layoffs Will Start On Friday

Elon Musk has allegedly started laying off Twitter staff. Rumors that the billionaire was going to show the majority of the company's 7,500 staff members the door were circulating even before the takeover was confirmed last week. One of Musk's first actions after completing the deal involved the termination of several prominent board members. Musk allegedly fired the board members for cause, meaning he does not have to pay out over a hundred million dollars as part of a "golden parachute" agreement with the executives. However, that may change if the fired board members decide to pursue the matter in court.

With regard to Twitter's other staff members, various rumors seem to be circulating. Some rumors say employees are being worked around the clock to get Musk's plan for Twitter Blue into action as soon as possible. Others claim that the "Days of Rest" scheme former CEO Jack Dorsey put into place to stop employees burning out has ended. Remote work may also be on the chopping block, with Musk expecting any staff that survives the coming cull to return to the office. And that alleged cull may be closer than anyone expects.

Twitter's terminations may start on Friday

According to journalist Casey Newton, Twitter employees received an email at 5:21 p.m. Pacific Time today that stated everyone affected by the layoffs will be notified via a second email by 9 a.m. Pacific Time on Friday. The email, which wasn't signed by Musk or anyone else at the company, allegedly states: "In an effort to place Twitter on a healthy path, we will go through the difficult process of reducing our global workforce on Friday. We recognize that this will impact a number of individuals who have made valuable contributions to Twitter but this action is, unfortunately, necessary to ensure the company's success moving forward."

Newton also says that Twitter has closed its offices, sent everyone home, and suspended "badge access" until the layoffs are completed. Business Insider has also reported on the layoffs, stating half of Twitter's 7,500 staff are about to be terminated and giving more details on the email that terminated employees are set to receive. The email is reportedly titled "Leaving the Flock" and will allegedly be sent out tomorrow morning. Other rumors highlight the sense of uncertainty and pessimism being felt by a lot of Twitter's employees at the moment. Musk and his team have allegedly refused to communicate with worried workers, and staff has been referring to the layoffs as "The Snap" in reference to Marvel villain Thanos snapping his fingers and making large numbers of people disappear.