Today's Wordle Answer #501 - November 2, 2022 Solution And Hints

Today's Wordle answer is an adjective just like yesterday's solution, except it's a more common word. The letter combination and phonetic patterns are not unusual, either, but Wordle puzzles can be difficult to solve despite these facts, especially considering you only get six attempts. To help out, we'll provide clues that'll hopefully help you unravel the answer faster, and we'll share tips and strategies you can use to improve your Wordle gameplay. We'll also do a full reveal of the solution word in the second section, so you can check that if you don't mind the spoiler,

Today's word has two vowels, "I" and "E," as its first and third letters, respectively. There are no repeated letters, and the word is used to qualify something as lacking, incompetent, or unsuitable. For example, a person is socially [solution word] if they're clumsy or awkward around people, and lack the skill or aptitude to participate in normal social interaction. If you replaced the fourth letter with "R," you'd have a word that's synonymous with motionless or chemically inactive.

The answer is insufficient

The solution to today's Wordle puzzle (#501 – November 2, 2022) is inept. The word is the negative of Latin's "aptus," which is the root word of aptly, the answer to the Wordle puzzle two days ago; it also has roots in French's "inepte," which means incapable, according to Etymonline. Our opening guess today was the word haunt, which eliminated all but 11 potential solutions, according to WordleBot. The second guess, snort, whittled down the options even further, leaving only three possible solutions. After guessing the word inset next, there was only one possible solution left, and it was the answer.

Apart from using expert-recommended starting words as a Wordle-solving strategy, it's important to focus on eliminating as many letters as possible with each guess. There are 25 letters in the alphabet, and Wordle allows six attempts at guessing five-letter words, which is more than enough room to exhaust all the letters in the alphabet if you have to. If you've gotten the hang of Wordle, here are some more games like it to scratch your puzzle itch.