Today's Wordle Answer #500 - November 1, 2022 Solution And Hints

Since Wordle was first introduced 500 days ago, the six-attempt word game has continued to thrill puzzle fans all over the world. But if today's puzzle is proving to be more tiring than thrilling, we're here to help. We'll supply a few hints that should nudge you toward the answer without robbing you of the satisfaction of solving the puzzle yourself. But for players who don't mind the spoiler, we'll also reveal the full answer in the second section.

Today's word is an adjective, although it's not one that might pop up frequently in everyday conversations. The solution word is used to describe something related to an evergreen coniferous tree with long, thin, needle-like leaves, sometimes used as Christmas trees. You could also use the word to describe something that has the scent or texture of such trees, or an area with plenty of them. There are two vowels in this word, "I" and "E," as the second and fourth letters, respectively, and there are no repeated letters.

The word rhymes with tiny

The solution to today's Wordle puzzle (#500 – November 1, 2022) is piney. If something's piney, it's related to the conifer tree, pine, which traces back to the Old French word "pin" and Latin's "pinus" (via Etymonline).

WordleBot says most players solved the puzzle on the fifth turn, as we did. Our first guess was the word inert — last week, we mostly used expert-recommended starting words as opening guesses, but we're back to breaking the rules as usual. Luckily, our first guess turned three tiles yellow, and then we followed up with the word swine. That didn't turn up any new information, but it did narrow the possible solution words down to 16 from 55. Our third guess, couch, didn't eliminate any more words, but after the fourth word, binge, the answer became clear. We hope you finish faster, and if you don't want to wait till tomorrow for a new puzzle, here are some more puzzles like Wordle to try.