Today's Wordle Answer #499 - October 31, 2022 Solution And Hints

This week in Wordle is kicking off on a mild note — WordleBot says most players solved the puzzle in four tries, as did we, and we want to help you do it in even fewer guesses. Read on for hints that'll nudge you toward the answer, and if you don't want to think too hard, you can check the second section for the full reveal.

Today's Wordle answer is an adverb, which is unusual for the game, but it's a word in common usage, and its letter combination isn't irregular either. Like most adverbs, the word ends in -LY, and it qualifies something as fitting or appropriate. If that hint doesn't help, this might. Think about a word that's synonymous with the following: correctly, adeptly, and adroitly. Also, the word you're looking for has only one vowel, "A," as its first letter and there are no repeated letters. Got it yet? If you're still unsure (and don't mind the spoiler), check out the answer below.

The answer is just right

The solution to today's Wordle puzzle (#499 – October 31, 2022) is aptly. It's a derivative of the word apt, which traces back to Old French's "ate" or Modern French's "apte," meaning "fitting, suitable, appropriate." It also has roots in the Latin word "aptus," which means "fit, suited, proper, appropriate" (via Etymonline).

As with yesterday and the day before, we played the game by the rulebooks today. Our opening guess, salet, is one of the expert-recommended Wordle starting words, and it paid off nicely since it contains three out of the five letters in the answer. We followed up with the word ultra, which didn't turn any tiles green but was still helpful with whittling down possible solutions. After our third guess with the word fatal, we had enough information to solve the puzzle on the fourth try. Again, we hope you do even better, and here are some more games like Wordle if you want to further satisfy your puzzle craving.