Snapchat's Director Mode Brings Video Editing Tools To iOS And Android

Snapchat has a new update, and this time, it's a big one. The app continues adding new features and options to entice more users to send Snaps as opposed to TikToks. Much like YouTube and Instagram, Snapchat seems to be chasing after TikTok, and although it may not say so out loud, a lot of its new additions resemble those we've already seen on other social media apps. Regardless of that, Snapchat is adding a range of fun new things under the banner of "Director Mode," and we know all about them.

The update ranges from actual video editing features to adding something that has only been available to iOS users in the past — dual camera. There's a lot in there to dig into, so fans of the social media app may like these new developments, and if the rumor mill is to be trusted, the company could use that influx of new and returning users. Snapchat has been having a rough time recently, so this update may come at just the right moment. According to an inside memo shared by The Verge, Snapchat has recently laid off around 20% of its employees. Will Director Mode revitalize the app and make its user base more consistent?

Snapchat expands its range of editing features

Snapchat's new Director Mode brings in some powerful video tools that are not present by default in every kind of smartphone. These new options should make it easier to edit and film videos to be shared on the app. One example of this is called Green Screen, and much like on TikTok, this feature lets users pick a background to film in front of instead of sticking to what's actually behind them. You can now also use Quick Edit to trim and split up the video, as well as to combine multiple videos into one (per The Verge). Lastly, a camera speed feature lets you speed up or slow down the video as you like.

The new update rolls out globally and will be available to users on Android and iOS alike. While some of the inspiration for Snapchat's Director Mode seems to have come from TikTok, there's also a surprising influence that reminds us of BeReal, and that is the addition of a dual camera. With the dual camera, Snapchat users can now simultaneously film with the front-facing and main cameras of their phones. 

BeReal is an app that has been steadily growing in popularity, although its purpose is different than Snapchat's, at least on the surface. BeReal, unlike Snapchat, doesn't feature filters and it only allows you to take photos at a random time each day, attempting to entice users to show their actual lives as opposed to the polished version promoted by social media. Snapchat, on the other hand, with its wide list of filters (user-made and provided by the app itself), usually focuses on anything but reality, letting users turn into a dog, cat, or anything else while using the app. Perhaps this new approach can help the app battle its competition.