Today's Wordle Answer #495 - October 27, 2022 Solution And Hints

Today's Wordle answer is a common word, like yesterday's Wordle. The letter combination isn't unusual either, but it does contain a repeated letter, and that's a little twist that might make things difficult for you. To ease things up, here are a few hints that should nudge you toward the answer, or you could check the second section for the full reveal.

The word you're looking for is used as a verb and a noun, and it means to convey or transport something or someone. It has only one vowel, "A," as its second letter, and "Y" as the last letter. The word is homonymous with the title of a 1974 novel by American author Stephen King — in which an eponymous 16-year-old girl discovers telekinetic powers and uses them to exact revenge on her school bullies. The novel was adapted to film in 1976, and again in 2013. The word is also a homonym of the first name of a popular American Singer with the surname Underwood, who won the 2005 American Idol contest.

The answer is also a football term

If you haven't figured it out yet, the answer to today's Wordle puzzle (#495 — October 27, 2022) is carry. The word has several meanings in common usage, but here are a few you might not know. In football, a carry is the amount of yardage that a player gets with possession of the ball. A carry can also refer to the range of a gunshot or any other projectile. The word "carry" traces back to Middle English "carien," which is from Anglo-French "carier" and "carre," meaning "vehicle," itself from Latin "carrus," (the same word that "car" is derived from) meaning to transport (via Merriam-Webster).

If we had chosen WordleBot's recommended starter word, crane, as our first guess today, we'd have solved the puzzle faster. But as always, we ditched the rules and chose the word route as our opening guess. It was particularly unlucky, but our second guess, chair, helped whittle down more possible solutions. Next, we tried the word cabal, which provided enough information for us to guess correctly on the fourth try. We hope you solve the puzzle faster.