How To Stream New "Doctor Who" In The U.S.

Fans of the long-standing sci-fi hit "Doctor Who" are getting hyped. A new development means that the show will be more accessible than ever. This British show has been broadcast by the BBC since 1963. Although it took a break, it returned in 2005 with a loud bang, and it's been on air since. However, seeing as not everyone has access to the BBC, many fans were left to scramble for ways to watch new episodes each time they aired. It seems that this is about to end, and we know all about it.

"Doctor Who" is a unique show in the sense that it could possibly go on forever, because the lead actor, portraying the Doctor changes every so often. The 2005 reboot of the sci-fi classic introduced the masses to Christopher Eccleston as "the Doctor" alongside Billie Piper as his main sidekick Rose. With Russell T. Davies at the helm, the show once again became successful, and its now approaching its 60th anniversary. To celebrate that, many changes are taking place. Huge spoiler alert if you're not up to speed on "Doctor Who" stuff — in that case, scroll right on below where we'll tell you where to watch it!

The show is about to enter a new era, with Chris Chibnall bidding farewell as showrunner, only to be replaced by Russell T. Davies. That's right, the man who made the show so big once is now going to run it once more, and as Jodie Whittaker (Thirteenth Doctor) leaves the cast, a new Doctor will be introduced. The Fifteenth Doctor, played by Ncuti Gatwa, will arrive in 2023.

BBC is teaming up with an unexpected ally

While all these changes are taking place in 2023, there's one more big thing going on right now. As we bid farewell to Jodie Whittaker, three special episodes will air this year to celebrate 60 years of the show. In the meantime, David Tennant will take over as the Fourteenth Doctor — and that's huge, seeing as he played the Tenth Doctor from 2005 to 2010 and earned a spot as a fan favorite.

In addition to making these exciting casting choices, the BBC made a huge step toward ensuring that fans of the show from all over the globe can watch the new adventures of the Doctor as well as the old ones. To achieve this, the BBC announced a brand-new partnership with Disney+. Starting in 2023, the new episodes of the show will be available on Disney+ to fans everywhere, while those based in the U.K. and in Ireland will continue to watch the show on the BBC.

While neither company has said when the show will appear on Disney+, or how many episodes will be available, this is still good news for the fans. "Doctor Who" has a much more global reach now than it used to when it was first created, so it's only right that it becomes accessible to everyone at long last.