Today's Wordle Answer #482 - October 14, 2022 Solution And Hints

Yesterday's Wordle answer was a common word that most players did not easily guess, and today's answer is pretty similar. WordleBot says it took most players an average of four tries to figure out the solution — and that's too many for a word that's right under your nose (or your feet, literally). We know that the thrill of solving a Wordle puzzle is not just in figuring out the answer, but also in doing that in as few guesses as possible, so here are some hints and tips to do just that. If you want to preserve your streak without the mental gymnastics involved with solving the puzzle, you can skip to the second section to see the answer.

The answer is a noun or a verb, depending on how you use it, with one vowel ("O") repeated as the third and fourth letters. As a noun, the word is synonymous with "ground," as in the lower level surface of a room on which one walks. It's also what you'd call one level of a building or a minimum price level for an item or commodity. As a verb, the answer means to baffle someone completely. Got it? If you're still unsure, the solution follows immediately after the next heading, so you can check it out if you don't mind the spoiler.

The answer is at the bottom of the ocean

The answer to today's Wordle puzzle (#482 — October 14, 2022) is floor. We've provided a bunch of definitions in the previous section, but the word has several other meanings, too. In boxing, to floor someone means to knock them to the ground with a punch. You also floor a room or area if you provide it with flooring, like carpet or tiles. The word floor is from Old English's "flor" which means floor, pavement, ground, or bottom; that itself comes from Proto-Germanic's "floruz" and the Proto-Indo-European "plaros," meaning flat surface (via Etymonline).

We didn't start guessing with an expert-recommended starting word today, although our first guess, grain, contained some of the most popular letters in English and in Wordle starting words ("A," "I," "R," and "N"). It took three more words to eliminate possibilities and gather enough information to arrive at the answer, so we guess you could say the puzzle floored us for a while. WordleBot solved the puzzle in four tries, and we really hope you do it in fewer.