Today's Wordle Answer #475 - October 7, 2022 Solution And Hints

Today's Wordle answer is a tricky one; WordleBot says it took most players 4.8 tries to guess it, and in a game with only six attempts, that's more than a tad difficult. If you're struggling, here are some hints to nudge you toward the answer and help you solve the puzzle in record time. We'll also do a full reveal of the solution word in the second section, so if you're tired of the mental gymnastics, you can skip to that.

The word of the day has one vowel, "A," as the third letter. The first letter is "D," and it is repeated as the fourth, as well. The word can function as a noun or an adjective, and in the former sense, it describes something excellent in its class. If a man pays too much attention to his style or looks, he's a [solution word]. Also, the word rhymes with the name of the character from "The Office" who calls himself "the Nard Dog."

The answer is synonymous with fop

The solution to today's Wordle puzzle (#475 – October 7, 2022) is dandy. Things are dandy when they're going well, and a man is a dandy if he preens. According to Etymonline, the origin of the word in its noun form is uncertain, but the most popular guess is that it is from the French word "Dandin," a mock surname for a foolish person. The etymology of its usage in the adjective form is largely unknown as well, but Etymonline reports that it goes as far back as 1786. 

We didn't solve the puzzle until the sixth try today, which was a pretty close shave, and one that ends the three-try streak we kept up until yesterday. Our first guess was the word train, which is somewhere on WordleBot's list of recommended starter words, but it didn't yield much. Next, we tried the word plane, but that was unlucky as well. The third time was almost the charm, as our guess "sandy" had four correct letters. Unfortunately, we guessed the words randy and bandy before the answer became apparent on the sixth guess. We hope you do much better than we did.