Today's Wordle Answer #472 - October 4, 2022 Solution And Hints

Today's Wordle answer is in the top 2% of the most looked-up words, according to Merriam-Webster, but its letter arrangement might not come easily to you. To help you solve the puzzle in record time and preserve your streak, here are some tips and hints for today's Wordle. If you prefer to skip the mental gymnastics and cut to the chase, you can skip to the second section where we reveal the full answer. Also, here's yesterday's answer if you missed it.

Today's word is a noun that's synonymous with the word branch and that rhymes with the word wow. There are two vowels, "O" and "U," as the second and third letters of the word, and there are no repeating letters. As a final hint, so we don't give too much away for those who prefer to arrive at the answer on their own, the first letter is "B."

The word has the letter G in it, too

The answer to today's Wordle puzzle (#472 – October 4, 2022) is bough, which is what you call a branch, especially the main branch, of a tree. The word bough has roots (no pun intended) in the Old English word "bōg," which means shoulder, similar to Old High German's "buog," which means the same thing (via Etymonline). There's a popular Roman myth about the Golden Bough, which is a tree branch with golden leaves that enabled the trojan hero Aeneas to travel safely through the land of the dead. 

We solved the puzzle in three tries today, kicking things off with an expert-endorsed starter word, slate. We tried the word brush next, which turned out to be a really lucky guess with three green tiles. The answer was apparent by the third guess, and since we also solved the puzzle in three guesses yesterday, that begins a three-try streak that we hope we can continue tomorrow!