Today's Wordle Answer #471 - October 3, 2022 Solution And Hints

We hope your work week is starting off on a good note. We know how real the Monday Blues can be, and if you're struggling with today's Wordle puzzle, that might just be making things worse. To help you turn things around (and turn your tiles green), here are some hints and tips for solving today's Wordle puzzle. If you prefer, you can also skip to the second section to see the full reveal of the solution word.

Today's word is a painful prick, or the wound caused by such, especially by insects such as bees or wasps. It also describes a usually elaborate and deceptive operation by a group of undercover law enforcement officers designed to catch a criminal. The word has only one vowel, an "I," as the third letter, and the last letter is "G." There are no repeating letters. Here's a final clue: the word is the name of a popular English musician who was part of the rock band The Police.

The answer is synonymous with overcharge

The answer to today's Wordle puzzle (#471 – October 3, 2022) is sting. Something stings if it causes you literal or figurative smarting pain, or you get "stung" if you pay too high of a price for something. Also, a sting operation is one in which an undercover detective stages a ruse to catch a criminal red-handed. One more thing that stings is spending $150k on a supercar, only to have it called ugly.

The word sting is from the Old English word "stingan," meaning "to stab, pierce, or prick with a point" and from Proto-Germanic "stingan," also meaning to prick (via Etymonline). We got lucky today and solved the puzzle in only three tries, even faster than WordleBot's four attempts. Our first guess was the word brain, followed by inset, which provided enough information to guess the answer on the third try. WordleBot started with its recommended starter word, slate, and today we're glad we didn't play by its rules.