New Maserati GranTurismo Revealed With A Fully-Electric Folgore Flagship

Maserati just announced that the GranTurismo is back with an electrified vengeance. The new sports car features all the classic Italian styling one would expect from a brand like Maserati. Maserati claims the newest iteration of the GranTurismo pays tribute to the brand's 75-year-long tenure in the sports car business. 

For those wanting a more conventional drivetrain, there is no need to worry as GranTurismos equipped with an internal combustion engine will come in two distinct flavors. There's the Modena and the Trofeo. The 490 horsepower Modena houses Maserati's Nettuno V6 that features two turbochargers. The Trofeo takes that further with 550 horsepower to the rear wheels. 

Automakers tend to make EV versions of already existing cars look quite a bit different than their gas-powered counterparts. No one would mistake the upcoming Chevy Equinox EV with an Equinox from the past. And while the F-150 Lightning looks close enough to a more conventional F-150, the Blade-Runner-like styling cues give it away. Maserati is breaking that trend with the new electrified GranTurismo Folgare (Italian for lightning).

A new electric future

Visually, the new Folgare looks much like any other new GranTurismo. But this one is hiding a secret: three electric motors. At "around" 760 horsepower, the electrified Folgare variant is the most powerful version of the GranTurismo. With the Folgare, Maserati is forgoing the conventional "electric skateboard" approach that many automakers like GM use in their EV architecture. Maserati is using what it refers to as a "t-bone." Essentially, the design places the majority of battery components through the transmission tunnel and around the driver, as opposed to directly under the seats.

Maserati has not revealed specific range figures for the Folgare, but it states that the battery has a capacity of 92.5 kilowatt-hours. As of today, the brand has not unveiled pricing details or a release date for all three versions of the GranTurismo. 

In a press release, the brand claims that every Maserati will have an electrified variant by at least 2025 with every Maserati ditching a gas engine entirely by 2030.